Caitie and Luke

How We Met

Long story short, Luke and I met during school and became friends in grade 10 as our two friendship groups combined back in 2014. We never really talked heaps one on one but Luke use to tease me jokingly all throughout the years. And at one point in grade 11, we had a crush on each other! And despite my confessing my feelings to Luke, Luke simply “felt honored” and with that nothing came of it.

However, after school and after chasing other potential relationships Luke and I “rekindled” (as Luke likes to put it) our interest in one another at a young adult campfire our church hosted. After texting and re-connecting Luke “tested the waters” and took me out to Cedar Creek for a photography day (He later confessed that this day was purely to see if we could spend a whole day together alone without it feeling awkward, and obviously I passed the test!) and well the rest is history! Luke asked me to be his girlfriend on the 8th of September 2017 – outside my house after he walked me to my door.

How They Asked

To say I wasn’t expecting it is a lie, but to say I was aware it was going to happen is also a lie. After dating for nearly two years Luke and I both sat down and talked about marriage and proposal when was the right time for us? Should we wait until we both finish studies? One thing was certain, it was definitely going to happen – we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other.
After talking we agreed that our dream time to get married was at the end of 2020, after both graduating universities. I had told Luke that I never wanted a long engagement and would love a shorter one, so after this discussion and with some quick maths I started to expect when Luke was going to propose. I knew it was going to happen somewhere at the end of 2019, the beginning of 2020 and in all honesty, I was getting excited.

Where to Propose in QLD, Australia

Closer to December (After expecting every date Luke took me on in the previous months) my parents decide to head to the USA for a holiday on boxing day and spend three weeks there. I turned to Luke and told him that I wanted my parents to be home when I get engaged – I didn’t want to call them on the phone to tell them of such big news. So with that came the pestering – I honestly feel so bad, and incredibly gracious that Luke was able to put up with me, he was incredibly patient and calm throughout all my nagging – I started to ask more questions and fully believed that Luke was going to propose on the Wednesday before Christmas – so much so that I ended up getting my nails done! Then came the Monday the 16th, after pestering Luke some more and with his dull and unresponsive responses I worked myself into such a state that lead me to believe that Luke hadn’t even started to plan the proposal. I was devastated, I thought that we were both in the agreement of when we wanted to get engaged.

Proposal Ideas QLD, Australia

The next day I drove to Luke’s house to apologize for my overreaction and to tell him that I trust his timing, I accepted that it wasn’t going to happen at the end of this year and needed to wait more patiently. So with that, I pushed anything to do with an engagement out of the window. Weeks prior Luke had organized us a small date on Wednesday, so I just turned my attention to that. Wednesday rolled in and Luke took out for breakfast, and then to play mini-golf. After a lot of laughter, sunburn, and winning we enjoyed each other company by wondering the shops and buying some Christmas presents, just after midday we ended back at my house to wrap some gifts. After an hour or so Luke made the comment that he had more planned for our date back at his – so I quickly gathered my things we left.

Caitie and Luke's Engagement in QLD, Australia

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Luke’s house is that no one – his mum, dad nor brother (Tim) – was home. The second thing I noticed that Luke’s dog – Buddy – wasn’t locked outside. Luke had turned to me and said this was weird and wondered if maybe he was accidentally locked inside with the two other family dogs. As we entered the house the two other dogs greeted us cheerfully, I stood there calling for Buddy, expecting to see his full body wag bounce around the corner. Luke soon got on his phone and texted his brother to ask what he did with Buddy – did he have him? Has Buddy escaped?

Tim responded soon after and told us that he decided to take Buddy up to Bribie Island dog beach for the day, and with me honestly believing that Tim would just randomly steal Luke’s dog and take him to the beach I didn’t think much of it. As Luke and I started to plan the rest of the date – which was going to be an outside movie night accompanied by homemade cookies – we were interrupted by a phone call by Tim. Luke quickly answered and put the phone on the speaker to which he said into the phone “What did you just say to me?” Tim replied, “I was playing with Buddy, I threw a stick over a hill and Buddy ran to grab it, he caught sight of something and has sprinted off and I can’t find him, I have lost the dog – I have been searching for 20 mins you need to come up here and help me!”

With me believing that Tim would actually manage to lose this dog, we quickly put our plans to halt and jumped into the car. Driving up the highway I was slowly becoming more worried, part of me believed that Tim would call back telling us that he has found Buddy and we would just need to turn around and head back home but he didn’t.

Luke suddenly said, “Oh, there must be traffic on the Bribie Island exit because google maps are taking me this way”. I sat there completely unaware that we had pasted the Bribie Island exit and didn’t question why we traveled up the highway for a few more km. I just sat there talking. We ended taking an exit and the first thing I noticed was the pine tree plantation in the distance, I was always fascinated with the pine trees and thought they were incredibly scenic. I made a comment pointing to a road to my left asking Luke if we should have turned there to head towards the beach – which he replied quickly that would take us inland, me understanding that I had no sense of direction I quickly just allowed Luke to follow the GPS. We ended up driving between two pine plantations, which I thought was an incredibly weird back root to the beach. Suddenly, Luke turned onto a dirt road which stirred my confusion even more; “What are you doing Luke? This isn’t anywhere towards the beach?!” as the words left my mouth, and as I started to register everything that had happened I quickly fell silent.

My mind was racing as Luke drove down and took a few turns, my heart was pounding in my chest and my eyes were wide as the car stopped – to the right was a beautiful picnic set up between two rows, fairy lights intertwined in the trees. I practically jumped out of the car, I was in complete disbelief. Luke shot out a question if he should put his shoes on, which my reply was a rushed no. So with that Luke walked me down the cleared isle and faced me as we reached the picnic.

Smoothly Luke bent down on one knee, pulled out a little white box, opened it and smiled up at me. He told me how much he loved me, the journey we took together and how he would love to have many more adventures with me. He then asked me to marry him. In a quick and incredibly happy response, I squeaked a yes and Luke slid this beautiful ring on my finger.

Luke had arranged with some close friends of his to take pictures of the setup and my response, he truly did more than I had ever expected and somehow managed to propose to me on the day I expected it without me aware it was going to happen. As we sat down to enjoy the feast Luke provided, I found out that Tim had taken Buddy just up the road from his house, After taking buddy for an hour-long walk – waiting for Luke to send through the cue to call – he ended up just sitting in the car with a panting dog.