Caiti and Adrian

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How We Met

Adrian and I met when I was 18 years old. I had a friend who had a crush on him and suggested that we (she, Adrian, Adrian’s friend, and I) all get together to hang out so that she could spend a little more time with him. It was quite the jumbled mess because Adrian thought he was being set up with me, I thought my friend was being set up with Adrian, Adrian’s friend thought he was being set up with my friend, and I thought I was just there to hang out with my friend and a cute guy. The moment we laid eyes on each other though, no one else could have ever stood a chance.

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We later would tell each other that it felt like tunnel vision, like something from a movie, because it was just such a perfect moment in time. We spent the night being flirtatious and having fun together. The next day I sent him a text and we never stopped talking after that. A few weeks went by and he took me on our first date: running in the rain, in March, in Kansas. It was freezing but made for another great moment.

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how they asked

Our relationship moved quickly- I moved in after graduating high school and we bought a house that October. I pestered him weekly, if not daily sometimes, about when we would get engaged; we did after wall already have a house together. On our one year anniversary, he told me ” Honey, I really think I am going to let you down because I don’t have a ring or a proposal planned yet. I really don’t want to let you down or upset you” and then dropped me off with his mom for some girl time that afternoon. He really had me fooled.

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He came back a few hours later and we drove to our park and our spot. Adrian proposed exactly a year from the day we met. We just got married on March 5, 2018- our three year anniversary.

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