Cait and Ethan

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How We Met

Ethan and I met at our work at Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Ethan is a deputy and I am a Dispatcher. I knew from the first time that I saw him when he came into work to deliver donuts that I had to at least talk to him to thank him. Ethan immediately started asking my coworkers about me and if I would be interested. Ethan and Stephanie, a coworker of mine in Dispatch, went to high-school together and told me for weeks to give him a shot and go out on a date and I happily agreed!

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I am originally from Tampa, Florida so I am a huge Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fan! Our first date I told him we could go anywhere, as long as we could watch the game! Ethan insisted on picking me up and we went to Yard House in Orlando and watched the hockey game (and we ended up winning)! I think we both knew that night that something amazing was about to happen and I could not be more happy that we took our time and truly became best friends and started dating!!!

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how they asked

Ethan and I are both first responders who work opposite shifts and one of our absolute favorite things to share together is NASCAR racing and our favorite driver, Kyle Busch! When we first started dating, I told him 4th of July is my favorite holiday and apparently he never forgot it! Back in March, Ethan reached out to our favorite driver’s wife, Samantha Busch. He wrote her an email sharing information about us, our careers, our adoration of her, Kyle, their son Brexton, how they give back to those in need and unable to naturally conceive children, my obsession with her clothing line and attached countless pictures of us, all the races we have attended, how we celebrate at home and how much racing means to us. He told her the July race is my absolute favorite as it falls within days of 4th of July and he was going to propose either way, but wanted their help to make it extra special.

Ethan said he went out on a limb and was unsure if he would hear back, but to his surprise, he receive a response within a week and they began planning my dream proposal. The day I got engaged, I had no idea what was about to happen. Ethan, our friends and I had fan zone passes for the day, as we have purchased for races before, which gives you access to walk around and look into drivers garages and have the possibility of running into a driver or two for an autograph! We were in victory lane area where they had on display the trophy for the race and took a picture with it. We walked off to the side as our friends purchased the photo and stood there watching others have their photographs taken for what seemed like forever in the Florida heat! I’m looking in a different direction when all of a sudden I hear familiar voices and see Ethan shaking hands with Kyle and Samantha Busch and I am in complete fan girl shock!!!

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! I nervously walk over and Kyle says my name and so does his wife and I am utterly confused now, but beyond thrilled to be meeting them!!! I kept telling them how shocked I was and Samantha looks at me and says “Well, I think Ethan has something that he wants to ask you” and I look to my left and he gets down on one knee, pulls out a gorgeous ring and asks me to marry him!!!!

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I do not hesitate to say yes and start crying while everyone around us was cheering and congratulating us!!! Daytona International Speedway even heard about it and shared our story online! Kyle and Samantha proceed to tell us that they were giving us hot passes as their guests and invited us to watch the race in Kyle’s pit box, Kyle signed some memorabilia for us and gave us an engagement gift on behalf of M&M’s (which is one of Kyle’s largest sponsors) which was 6 custom bags on M&M’s with our names on them! They also advised us that the whole thing was recorded and currently the video has 136,000 views!!!!

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This couple made our dreams come true by simply taking the time out of their busy day to not only allow us to meet them but participate in the most important moment in our lives thus far! We also learned a cool fact that Kyle proposed to Samantha at Daytona as well, which I feel is part of the reason they were so eager to help out and make this an unforgettable day for us and express true genuine happiness!

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We are happily enjoying our engagement and planning on a 4th of July wedding next year!!!!!!! We also cannot thank our friends Lauren, Danielle and Stephen enough for not only being there on our big day, but taking countless photos and helping the day off to make sure everything went perfect!

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Special Thanks

Stephen Burrows
 | Planning
Lauren Burrows
 | Planning
Samantha Busch
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