Cait and Ben

how we met

The better question is when did we first meet that we both remember. If you ask Ben and I, we have completely different answers. In fact if you were to map out myself and Bens’ life timelines you would find several moments before the “first” moment that we missed crossing paths by a couple weeks, days and in some instances even minutes. One meeting we can both agree on was when I was nurse anesthetist student and was sent into the operating room Ben was providing anesthesia in. After assisting him with caring for the patient, we started chatting about school and how tough the program could be. I had told him it was hard because I had recently broken up with my boyfriend at the time. He told me he understood because he went through a similar situation while he was in school. He continue to tell me that if I ever needed to talk and get a drink to just let him know. I wasn’t quite ready to get that drink so I never contacted him but remembered the interaction. Fast forward six months later and we are placed together again. In GI (aka colonoscopies and endoscopies). We bantered back and forth most of the day and the rest of the staff in the room found it hilarious. At the end of the day after we had just finished giving report on our last patient when Wanda, the nurse in the room, asked “Hey Cait are you seeing anyone?” While standing next to Ben I reply “No Wanda” in a puzzling but curious tone. Without any hesitation Wanda immediately looks at Ben, who is still standing right next to me and goes ” Ben, are youuuu seeing anyone?” in a jovial, teasing tone. Both Ben and I turned bright red and Ben replies ” No Wanda” while rolling his eyes. Wanda laughs as she response “Well I’m just saying….I’m just saying there is something there.” We both shrugged it off but on my way out of the hospital I texted Ben, thanking him for a great day. He texted me saying it was not a problem but if I ever wanted to get a drink to let him know. So jokingly I replied ” Wanna go now?” I will never admit this to my now husband but my heart was racing as I waited for a reply…”Sure,” quickly responded. We met at a local bar to get a drink which then turned into dinner followed by a movie at his house. All in all we spent 20 hours straight together that day. At the end of the night he walked to me my car. I gave Ben a hug and I gave Slash (Ben’s Dog) a big old smooch.

how they asked

Ben had a wonderful, well thought out, surprise proposal set up for me. Unfortunately, a couple weeks before the day, his dad let the secret slip during a conversation he was not aware he was on speaker phone for. No ones fault but still a bummer because his proposal was so sweet. He was going to propose where we went for our first date and then have our families surprise me for dinner at favorite dinner spot. However with the surprise spoiled, Ben was left to find an alternative way to surprise me…. In the hospital we can work long shifts. I was working a 14 hour shift in the middle of the week while Ben was only working 10 hours that day. After my shift I pulled into the garage, exhausted and looking like a “hot mess.” My hair was dirty, I was wearing sweatpants and a giant black parka with winter boots. It was 8:30 at night and I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed so that I could wake up and do it all again in the morning. As I opened the door into the house, I noticed the dimmed lights and rose petals. I quickly slammed the door shut and stood in the garage pondering why I never took the time to get my nails done on a regular basis. I composed myself and walked inside. The hot mess gremlin that I looked like found Ben standing in our screened in porch that he had covered with string lights and candle. It was January and he was standing there in khaki pants, button up shirt, barefoot and no belt. Not exactly put together but I gave him points for trying. I honestly don’t remember what Ben said but he started with “I love you very much and there is is nobody I’d rather have be a pain in my ass….I laughed and just gave him a hug. After that, if he asked me to marry him or not, neither of us can remember. All I do know if he put the ring on my finger. I must have said yes.

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