Caila and Steve


I was invited to meet with a donor for a camp that I volunteer at every summer (where I met Steve). As I was exiting one of the cabins, I suddenly saw Steve.


I did not plan on seeing him, so I had a pretty good idea that the proposal was about to happen. He walked toward me, took my hand, and brought me over to a spot he had set up, it was covered in rose petals, a blanket I made for him and a guitar. Much to my surprise, he had been teaching himself how to play guitar for the past 6 months, just for this moment. He played and sang “Free Fallin'” by John Mayer, but with his own adaptations to apply to me.

When he was done with the song, he talked to me about our future, the love he has for me, and after a lot of tears, he finally asked me to marry him.







Special Thanks

Alexandria Heidner