Caila and Michael

After 5 wonderful years of joy, dreams, and a lot of love, Michael asked Caila to be his forever at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. The Magic Castle is the private club for the Academy of the Magical Arts, and one of the premier performing locations of magicians from around the world (its basically Mecca for magicians). It is a truly magical place, a converted mansion where every corner is filled with mystery and illusion. During their dinner, a magician came up to the table and asked to perform a few magic tricks and take some photos for the newsletter. However, the finale of the trick left a bewildered Caila holding a magically produced engagement ring with Michael on his knee before her. He revealed that this had all been an elaborate ruse to propose. (There’s not even a newsletter!) Caila and Michael are now excited to be starting their lives together filled with #TheseMagicMoMentz

Caila's Proposal in The Magic Castle in Los Angelos

Proposal Ideas The Magic Castle in Los Angelos

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Magic Castle in Los Angelos

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