Cai and Darren

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We are from OneThreeOneFour and we are submitting this lovely proposal on behalf of the couple.

Darren and Cai went to Seoul for a holiday and after much discussion, we decided to have the surprise proposal at Seoul Olympic Park. Darren had a flawless plan on how to surprise Cai and we got the prettiest bouquet of red roses for him.

The unsuspecting Cai assumed that they were just having a casual stroll around the scenic parks which was even more beautiful in Autumn. As they passed by a white bench, Cai noticed a striking red bouquet. Upon closer look, she realized that her name was written on it!

Darren took advantage of her moment of shock and quickly prepared the video montage on his phone that he created on his own. It showed their adventures together as a couple and how far they have come together. Cai was moved to tears and Darren wiped them away, gentle as always.

He then got down on his knee and asked the big question. Cai, no matter how overwhelmed with emotions and still recovering from the surprise, said “Yes” without hesitation.

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