Cady and Adam's Treasure Chest Proposal

How We Met: Adam and I began working together in 2012. We did not know each other before, but we quickly learned a lot about each other and quickly gained emotional and physical feelings toward each other.

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We had both just gotten out of a relationship so we had a lot in common. We began hanging out outside of work and quickly fell in love!

how they asked: While on vacation with Adam’s parents at the family condo, we decided to take family pictures on the beach. We all got dolled up then headed down to the sand before we went to dinner. Out on the beach Adam and I started walking so Reggie (Adam’s dad) could snap some photos. We held hands, kissed, looked into each other’s eyes, all that mushy stuff that makes for great candids! As we walked back down the beach to make our way back for dinner, we walked up to a surprise in the sand (Adam somehow steered me away from it earlier). Buried in the sand was a message in a bottle and a treasure chest. As I read the message my heart began pounding so quick in my chest. I knew what was happening. He was pouring his heart out in the letter and I knew he was about to profess his love like never before. Buried next to the message in a bottle was a treasure chest. I was completely trembling as I knelt down to open the box. Inside, written on a small, framed chalked board, was a question that I have always dreamed of answering. And my answer was without a doubt, YES! (Although Adam claims I never actually said yes.) I stood up and we kissed and cried together for the longest moment. He then got down on one knee and asked again, holding my beautiful ring. I know I said yes that time! It was the most perfect moment of my life. And thankfully Adam’s parents were there to get it all on camera!

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