Cacie and David

Image 1 of Cacie and David

How We Met

We met in high school in 2016 and were best friends, he was a year above me so as he was preparing to leaving for college we told each other we loved each other and did long distance for the next 4 years since I went to school in a different state then him.

How They Asked

We were decided to join the Peace Corps and we were serving in Senegal, West Africa. We met up with a couple friends to hike out to these beautiful waterfalls, it was about a 10 mile hike there and back but we made it. Unfortunately it rained the entire night and we were camping so the tent got soaked. We woke up that next morning and everything was so green and beautiful! He had told me previously he wanted to take some pictures for our family and to bring a nice dress. So we got dressed and went out to the rocks to take some photos and he turned me and asked me to marry him!! and we got to celebrate under the waterfalls for the next few days until we had to hike back.