Byron and Brittney

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how we met

Byron and I met our freshman year of high school. When we first met we became instant friends. Passing notes in the hall, calling each other on the phone late at night. It wasn’t until sophomore year that our friendship blossomed into love. We spent the summer fishing, going to movies and sharing ice cream. It sounds like a scene from the movie “The Notebook”. After high school we realized we needed to find our passions, learn, and grow as individuals. Byron went to The Ohio State University and I found myself at Miami University of Ohio. We maintained a great friendship throughout college and years after, calling each other every few months to check in. Fast forward to our late 20’s when Byron called to tell me the news of a job transfer to Chicago. We were back in each other’s lives and this time we weren’t letting go. Four months later, Byron began proposal plans.

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how they asked

He was extremely strategic on how to plan one of the greatest moments of his life. Equipped with an hour by hour itinerary, Byron planned the perfect day. We stayed in Crystal Lake at my parents’ house for the weekend. My parents lied and said they were going away for business, really they were staying downtown Chicago awaiting the engagement surprise. Before heading downtown to meet friends for dinner, Byron suggested picking up a 6 pack of beer while we waited for the the train. We found a cozy beach near the lake to sit.

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As we sipped their 312 beers (hint, Byron proposed on March 12th) Byron began to profess his love and devotion. He got down on one knee in the sandy beach, with a shaky hand he took the ring from his pocket and said “Brittney, will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?” Of course I said YES!

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We kissed and hugged one another and as the feeling of utter joy set in, Melissa, the secret photographer, emerged from the bushes. She had been capturing the entire proposal from a distance. We grabbed their drinks and took a walk on the dock where Melissa kept shooting, encapsulating the heartfelt candid moment. After we took several photos, Melissa congratulated the happy couple and we parted ways.

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Byron then took me to the car and confessed that we were no longer taking the train to the city. As we drove downtown, Byron took a short cut and drove into a private airport where there was a bright red helicopter warming its engine, preparing to take flight. After the helicopter ride, Byron walked me to our favorite bar “Untitled” where our entire immediate family was patiently awaiting our arrival with tear filled eyes and bursting hearts. We danced the night away to a live jazz band while enjoying old fashioned libations.

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