Busola and Tolu

Busola's Proposal in Centennial Lake Park

How We Met

Tolu and I met through one of my sister’s best friends from college. Our worlds collided when my sister asked me to go to one of her award ceremonies and I hesitantly agreed. I was always a home body but I decided to support her that day. Little did I know that I would meet the sweetest guy ever, one who would change my life. He had tried meeting me for roughly six months, through my sister, but I always told my sister that I was not interested. She told me that he was a soft spoken guy which was surprising because when I met Tolu at my sister’s best friend’s house (she was doing my sister’s makeup in preparation for the award ceremony) he freaked out and was so loud trying to catch my attention. He later found me on Facebook and messaged me and was so respectful. Fast forward to six months later and we are now here – engaged!

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how they asked

I knew that Tolu would be proposing to me, I just had no idea when he would be popping the question. I felt like I would know when because he could hardly keep a secret from me. He planned to propose later in October but because I was going on a week long trip he changed his plans. I told him to not try to propose during the photo shoot he had planned for us. I was so obsessed with engagement stories that I could have sworn I knew it all (devoted how they asked fan here). The photoshoot was planned for a Sunday and he had his sister in-law, my sister’s best friend, do my make up. I didn’t even know who the photographer was but I just went along with the plan. I asked him why we were even doing it and he told me not to worry, said he just felt like he looked too good to not take pictures. I laughed it off and didn’t really think much of it. When it came time to take pictures we kept walking around Centennial Lake Park, his chosen photoshoot location, looking for a good spot to pose when I saw someone who resembled my brother, wearing a similar cross, which confused me. Next thing I know my boyfriend was down on one knee and whispering softly asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes. I, then, realized that the person I saw was my brother.

Busola and Tolu's Engagement in Centennial Lake Park

Tolu had asked a few of my family members to come for the proposal. We later celebrated with dinner at Chino Latino. I could not believe that he had put so much time and effort to propose to me including surprising me with my family.

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