Burton and Anastasia's Photoshoot Proposal

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how we met

I met Burton at the wedding of a good friend of mine. He was the most dapper best man I had ever seen. I instantly found him attractive, but proceeded to ignore him for the majority of the evening. Eventually, at the end of the night I asked my friend (the bride) to introduce us. We had a friendly yet awkward handshake and “hello, pleased to meet you”. We stood there grinning at each other (whilst still shaking hands) for a while. I then chickened out of any possible conversation we could have had and ran off. After the wedding, we started communicating on social networks and our first date followed in 2 weeks.

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how they asked

Burton planned out our surprise engagement all by himself. The day was nothing short of perfection. He booked us for a couples shoot and proposed during the shoot. I have watched this video over and over again and it just continues to tug at my heart strings. He then lured me to lunch and wine tasting at a popular wine farm close by.

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Upon arrival, I was surprised that all my friends and family where there for a surprise engagement party! I can remember thinking that he was acting particularly weird in preceding weeks- only to find out that he was busy planning the big day in detail. He made the invitations himself and hand delivered them to all the guests. He also designed my ring to resemble the leaves and shaft of an orchid- my favorite flower.

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The amount of effort and thoughtfulness that went into the day still leaves me at a loss for words. I am one lucky girl to be marrying this man.

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