Bryson and Justin

Bryson and Justin's Engagement in Beaufort, NC

How We Met

Our moms graduated from high school together and would run into each other frequently. Whenever his mom would ask about me my mom would give her the same spill, “she’s doing well in school and pursuing her education, however, she just needs a good man.” His mom would then explain how he was doing well too but was dating a girl that his mom knew wasn’t his forever. About a year later things had ended with his previous girlfriend so our families began playing match maker. After a few months of texting back and forth we decided to go on a date and since then have been inseparable. We have been dating for almost two years now.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Beaufort, NC

Bryson's Proposal in Beaufort, NC

How They Asked

October 28th, 2019 I had gone out of town for a work conference and he had planned on coming down to see me that weekend so we could have a nice getaway. We slept late on Saturday, November 2nd and then decided to go stroll through the local stores. We were walking along the waterfront in Beaufort, NC when I looked down and saw some fish. Excitedly I said “Justin look there’s some fish!” His response was “well can you count how many there are?” I went to turn around and look at him like he was crazy and that’s when I discovered he was down on one
knee. Once I realized what was happening I heard “SAY YES” yelled at us. I turned around and all of our closest family members were on the upstairs balcony of the restaurant we had stopped in front of. I had no idea that the past few months he had asked my family for my hand in marriage and bought a ring. It was truly a shock when I saw how perfectly everything he had planned worked out. I am so impressed that our families and him were able to keep this a secret. Looking back I missed so many clues that should have gave away what he was up to, but the surprise in my face is truly obvious. I am looking forward to the rest of my life with many more surprises with this man I love dearly.

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer