Bryony and Asher

How We Met

Me and Asher actually met at work, from my first day i knew that there was something about him that i liked, we just clicked and he made me laugh so much that i’d snort on a daily basis laughing! I wasn’t sure if my crush was unrequited until i overheard him telling a colleague i had a great bum, as he thought i was out of ear shot! haha. Fast forward a little bit and Asher asked me out on a date. We had our first date and it was so amazing and comfortable and there were a fair few snorts in the fancy steak restaurant!! After hearing random conversations in the office about past relationships i knew that Asher liked to ‘date’ a girl for about 6 months before she became his girlfriend, however on the 3rd date Asher apparently couldn’t help himself and asked me to be his girlfriend! It’s now 2 years later and i’ve had the best two years of my life! We have two beautiful cats and our own lovely flat just to ourselves! :)

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how they asked

I LOVE snow and winter surroundings so we had planned a ski holiday to Austria a week before our 2nd anniversary. Once there i wasn’t doing very well! It was my first time skiing and i just wasn’t getting the hang of it! After a few tears and a day of Ski School i managed to make my way down several blue runs and a red run! Asher obviously waited to pop the question until i was having a great day rather than a day of tears and ‘i can’t do this!!’. So on the 5th day we were having a break from a successful morning of skiing and we popped into an ice bar situated in an amazing real igloo, half way up the mountain, for a drink. I was outside sorting out my skis and Asher went in without me, when i walked in he was standing there with 2 glasses of champagne, he then handed me one, and i was so confused as he knows i don’t normally drink champagne. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and pull out a box from his ski coat pocked, i realised what was happening, and i immediately burst into tears and could barely hear him say ‘Bryony Davies, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?’ over the sound of my sobbing. As i hadn’t managed to get out an answer over the tears he said ‘will you marry me?’ to which i nodded and manged to say a muffled yes! He pulled my ski glove off and placed the most beautiful ring on my finger and then picked me up as i hugged him! i was so shocked but it was the best moment of my life! After all of the excitement and it had sunk in i rang my mum who told me that Asher has actually gone to her house before the holiday and asked her permission to marry me. My Dad passed away when i was 10, so my mum has been both the mum and dad for the past 14 years, so i know it would have meant alot to her that Asher asked for her blessing. And of course she said yes!

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