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After we decided to get married it took him forever to propose haha. I got very impatient. After we went ring shopping I timed in my head 6 weeks because I knew that’s how long it was gonna be until the ring would be ready. I knew he would want to surprise me and have it be a big romantic gesture because that is just like him. As the weeks went on I started to get more impatient and I would bring it up to him all the time.

I finally said “just give me the dang ring I don’t care if it isn’t special” but he just kept saying to give him more time. During those months there were many occasions he could’ve done it that would’ve been special and romantic and every one of those times I would think that to myself and wonder what was holding him back. After about 2 months of waiting, he asked me one Saturday to take a day trip from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole Wyoming to watch his dad compete in a bike race.

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This is not a short drive and it would be a day spent in the car. I would’ve also had to get off work. So I really didn’t want to go. But finally, he convinced, I got off work and with a not so great attitude I went. The day wasn’t as bad as I thought. The bike race was impressive to watch and spending all day talking with the person you love isn’t so bad. Everytime we got in the car I would give a big dramatic sigh and he would ask me what’s wrong and I would say things like “well I am not engaged for one thing” and he would laugh and told his eyes. After the bike race, we went to this beautiful country club overlooking the snake river. We had dinner and watched the sunset over the mountains.

This was one of the moments I thought to myself that it would’ve been a good time. As we left I realized he was acting kind of weird and taking forever to get going. When we finally were back in the car I took my shoes off and leaned back my seat getting ready to sleep for the long car ride back. Little did I know a few miles down the road on a bridge over the snake river his parents were setting up the proposal. When we pulled up to the bridge it was lit up with white Christmas lights.

When I saw that there was something in the road I thought we might be going to wrong way and suggested we turn around but instead he said he thought we should get out and investigate which bugged me because I had already taken off my shoes. When I got out I finally realized what was happening. There was a log with “will you marry me?” carved into it as well as a bouquet of flowers and the ring all set up. I couldn’t believe after a whole day of me complaining and joking about not being engaged he didn’t say or lead on anything. When we got to the center of the bridge he knelt down and proposed and I, of course, said yes!

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