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Carson’s How We Met

There were a lot of pieces that had to come together before we finally met. We grew up in the same city. Went to rival high schools and had a lot of mutual friends. But we didn’t meet until after High School. I (Carson) had moved to Southern France as a Volunteer for my church. This was a time of growing and learning for me. I like to say its where I really came to discover who I was and who I could become. Because of this special experience France will always hold a very special place in my heart. The culture, the land, the language all brings back nostalgic feelings for me. During the same time, I was doing my soul-searching Brynn was embarking on her own adventure. She had always dreamed of moving to Paris and when the opportunity for her to attend fashion school and be an au pair finally came she jumped on it. Her experience moving away from home, to a foreign country with an unfamiliar language became a defining experience in her life. Paris became a special place for her.

At this point we still had not met. It wasn’t until we had both returned home to Arizona that our paths finally crossed. It was at a social church event. I was busy stuffing my face with apple cobbler when Brynn confidently walked up to my friend and me. I was immediately impressed by her confidence and lighthearted vibe. I almost choked on the food when she mentioned an experience she had while living in Paris. I enthusiastically asked “Parle-tu Français?” and she responded “oui!” We immediately connected over our mutual love for France and the special place it held in our hearts. in the coming days and weeks our connection continued to develop, and we found a strong chemistry between us. The more I looked at her the prettier she became to me. There is so much to Brynn, it’s hard to put into words, she is so deep, and inspiring. She’s fun, adventurous and confident. She’s empathetic, open minded and intelligent. Naturally I fell in love with her quickly.

Because I had spent my time as a volunteer in the Southern regions of France I had yet to see Paris. Brynn and I planned a trip over winter break and spent 3 days experiencing the city. It was truly a magical experience and I loved showing off my French for Brynn. She led me to all her favorite spots in the city and we enjoyed each other’s company. It was during our time in Paris that I knew I wanted to marry her. I knew she was the girl that would make all my dreams come true.

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Brynn’s How we met

Like Carson said, there were a lot of things that had to come into place before we met. Even though we grew up in the same town, I’m so glad we didn’t meet until later in our lives when we were ready. I moved to Paris when I was 20 to attend a fashion school called IFA and to be an Au Pair. It was the best time of my life and when I came home I thought often about how much I wanted to marry a French boy and how I just wanted someone to understand how that experience changed me, even though it was so cheesy. Well, fast forward to two years after I moved home, I went to a single party for my church with my friend, Brittany. I HATE these things and the entire time I just wanted to leave. There was even a point where my friend and I walked outside about to leave only for me to say, “let’s just go back” so my friend could see the cute boy she had a crush on (Who happened to be Carson, yikes), and once we were around him I was talking to his friend about how I lived in France. Carson turned around and said “Parle-tu Français?!” and I said oui of course.

That night we spent talking forever and it felt like I had known him my whole life. It was a weird feeling I couldn’t describe and I’m usually never at a loss for words. But when I saw him for the first time that night I felt something in my heart I never had before! It was like every part of him was perfect for me and the more we got to know each other the more I just loved him. Later in our friendship, he told me he had felt the same way when he saw me, and I knew we really were meant to be.

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Carson’s how they asked

A couple months later I felt it was the right time to propose. I spent a lot of time consulting with my best friends on just the right way to ask the question. I knew that Brynn wanted her closest friends and family there to share the experience, but at the same time I wanted the moment to be intimate. This was a big dilemma for me to conquer but I finally came up with plan that required a lot of moving pieces to come together all at once.

It started with Ashton our amazing photographer. She had reached out to Brynn in the past about taking pictures of us for fun. The timing had never worked out do so until I secretly contacted Ashton about photographing out Engagement. Being an Arizona native and having grown up to love the beautiful desert landscape I selected the perfect spot on a lake with a bridge. I found a friend who owned a canoe and was willing to let me borrow it, I then took the canoe out with a buddy where I practiced going from rowing to kneeling to make sure the process wouldn’t be too wobbly. Next, I contacted all of Brynn’s closest friends and told them the plan. Telling her friends and family was a risky move. I was worried someone might slip up and say something, but everyone did such a good job at keeping it secret. A couple days before the proposal I had Ashton contact Brynn about doing a photoshoot. I acted uninterested but of course this was all part of the plan. We agreed on a time and place the coming Sunday afternoon. The day of the planned proposal I stressed immensely about all the pieces coming together at the right time. I had my brother and father go to the location ahead of time with my sister and her husband to set up the canoe on the shore. A friend of my brother-in-law stood next to the canoe fishing as if the boat belonged to him. The ring was placed in a small lunch box along with a picture book that included some of our favorite memories. Brynn’s family and friends met on the opposite side of the lake and hid in the bushes to await our arrival.

As we approached the spot where Brynn thought the photoshoot was going to happen, Ashton called and told Brynn she was “running behind” and that we should just wait for her to arrive. We walked along the shore for a few minutes before I casually started a conversation with the friend of my brother-in-law who was fishing next to the canoe. I of course pretended as if I didn’t know him. The best part was Brynn had no idea and thought I was talking to a total stranger. He offered to let us take a ride in his canoe while we waited. Brynn was a bit hesitant to go canoeing in a dress, but she climbed in anyway. I began to make my way across the small lake towards the bridge. Brynn was trying to make small talk as I rowed but I don’t remember a word she said. All I remember was I could seriously feel my heart about to pound out of my chest. This was it. Everything had worked according to plan and I was moments away from the most important question of my entire life.

She was so absolutely oblivious to what was about to happen. She kept saying “I can’t believe we’re just in some random guy’s canoe” and “I think we should go back, maybe Ashton is waiting for us.” Little did she know Ashton was standing in the bushes behind her along with her closest friends and family. As soon as I rowed us into position I set the paddle down as calmly as I could. I played along with the idea that we were in some random dude’s canoe. As I unzipped the lunch box that my sister had previously placed in the canoe containing the photo album and the ring I said to Brynn “I wonder what this random guy packed in his lunch box?” I then pulled out the small photo album and acted confused as I handed it to her. When she opened it to see pictures of our favorite memories she was stunned. She asked me at least 3 times, anxiously, how the photos had gotten on the boat without her noticing. I told her to look through the pictures and tell me how they made her feel. I could hear in her voice the emotion as she was beginning to realize what was about to happen. I reached back into the lunch box and pulled out the small black box containing the ring. I got down on one knee, looked Brynn in the eye and told her that I loved her and that I would love her forever. I then opened the box and showed her the ring and asked if she would marry me. At this point she was sobbing, but she was still able to say YES as she flung her arms around me. I almost lost balance on my one knee as this caused the boat to rock.

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She held me so tightly then pulled away and gave me a wet kiss from all the tears that were streaming down her face. It was at this very moment that everyone jumped up from the bushes cheering and clapping. This of course not only shocked Brynn but sent her emotions even more over board. She was so happy she couldn’t contain herself. She wouldn’t stop kissing me and hugging me the whole time on the verge of sobbing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so emotionally charged.

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If I had one piece of advice for all guys who are preparing to propose, it would be to go the extra mile. Asking your future wife if she will marry you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and its something that you will talk about until the day you die, so make it as special as you can!

Brynn’s how they asked

Ahhhh every time I think about it I get butterflies all over again because it really was so special. I never put much thought into how I wanted to get engaged, just that I wanted my friends and family to be there. I had been dropping hints for months about when he was going to propose so I knew it was going to happen soon and was keeping my eye out for potential proposals. In the meantime, our wonderful photographer friend, Ashton, would sometimes ask us to take pictures with her. I always wanted to, but it just never worked out! Then one week she texted me and asked if we wanted to do some pictures that weekend, I said of course but had to ask Carson. He played sooo nonchalant and was saying we most likely couldn’t because he had family dinner that Sunday. He ended up saying later that maybe we could make it work! So that Sunday rolls around and we go to meet Ashton. I wasn’t that suspicious because I thought “no way he would propose during a photoshoot, he knows I would know”.

Once we get there Ashton texts me and says she’ll be there in 10 minutes. So, we just walked around the lake and talked. We came up to where all these people were fishing and a guy there had a canoe. They striked up a random conversation and Carson mentioned he learned how to ride one when he was in boy scouts. The random guy asks us if we want to take it for a spin and we were both saying “nooo its okay! We’re waiting for someone!” He then says just take it for a quick ride it’ll be fine!” So, we do. The whole time I’m worried about Ashton showing up and I keep telling Carson, “this is so weird! We’re just in this random guy’s canoe, we need to take it back.” Then all the sudden, he turns around and pulls out a photobook. I seriously was like WHAT THE HECK is a book of pictures of us doing in a random guys boat! I was freaking out and totally bewildered. Carson then says “I love you so much Brynn…” pulls out a ring and asks me to marry him. I instantly start sobbing because I’m such a crier. I was so overwhelmed!! I was like first, how did you plan this with a random guy at the lake?!?! And I kept bawling and staring at the prettiest ring I’d ever seen, then all the sudden all my best friends and siblings pop out of these bushes and I start crying even MORE.

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It was truly the happiest moment of my life because it finally meant I was getting to marry my love. I felt so dumb for not even being suspicious about being in a canoe and not even suspecting a thing. It was so magical in every way! Honestly the best proposal if you ask me!

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