Bryce and Manal

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

We planned a trip to Paris, France because it’s know to be the city of love. Manal and I are huge on photography and love to schedule photographers to take our pictures when we travel. However, this time was different. The typical wear of these photo shoots are formal attire. For Manal it was totally within our norm to be dressed up exploring the city with our photographer capturing our moments together. We have this cute idea of making a travel book for our future children to have and thing of how cool their parents were back in the day.

So the day started off like any other type of photo day. Manal had her stylist come to the home and style her hair and I went out to the local barber to get a fresh haircut. Upon finishing, I head back to meet Manal and then towards the first destination stop to meet our photographer. Unknown to Manal, the photographer and I had been conversing and how to capture the big proposal and when to make it happen. We decided on the Louvre. Through the day and various sites, we took stunning pictures and the photographer would occasionally ask manal to take individual shots. This was to throw her off so she would get any ideas when I made the proposal. The plan for the proposal was to take pictures of Manal alone so he could make sure he had the perfect lighting. Also, this would give me time to get the ring and gather up my confidence.

When we’re finally at the proposal location and the photographer asked to take her pictures alone. I knew this was the moment. I casually walk over to my bag and grab the ring. A rush of emotions sweep over me at this point. Deep breaths and determination helped me make the last steps. Looking over at her and seeing the essence of her beauty, I feel I am the luckiest guy in the world. I stand tall and walk into position of the frame. One last deep breath and I begin. Or so I thought. As I begin to state the words I rehearsed, I get very emotional. To the point of tears. Manal was so confused. I’m standing there in deep admiration and awwing in tears trying to speak. She quickly asks, “Babe, what’s wrong?” I responded, “Babe, you know you mean the world to me and I could not see myself without you.” It comes across a lot smoother when you type it verse when I said it in the moment. In the moment, it was a very choppy delivery. I finish by kneeling on one knee and asking her if she would she marry me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Meanwhile, the photographer is capturing it all. She is shocked and surprised to the fullest extent. Her eyes fill with tears and I quickly say, “don’t cry, you don’t want to ruin your makeup…but can you give me an answer please?” Seem like the longest 5 seconds of my life. She said she would always say yes and reached in to embrace me. She looks at the ring again and says, “this can’t be really happening”. But it was! Photographer took a few more pictures before Manal kindly said, “okay, the photo shoot is over. I’m engaged!! I want to savor the moment.”

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