Bryce and Kailey

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, California

How We Met

Kailey and I met on a blind date. Kailey’s cousin was a coworker of mine, and for over a year she always said “you really should go on a date with my cousin.” I always replied with a “sure” but it never got anywhere. One day in the office she mentioned it again, and I said “I’m ready whenever you are” and we set up a date for the following week. Both about ready to graduate college, life was uncertain, so a blind date was no big deal honestly. We met at my coworker’s apartment at 10am on a Saturday, because a breakfast blind date is perfect in my books. We grabbed breakfast and ate waffles, just as Leslie Knope would suggest, and drank coffee. We soon realized that breakfast dates and coffee would be integral in our relationship. After breakfast, we walked around the lake right next to the restaurant making jokes and laughing. We said bye, dated for a few more months, became official as a couple, and dated for two and a half more years. In that time we navigated long distance through undergraduate degree’s, master’s degrees, three moves, new jobs, and much more. We knew we could navigate anything as long as we had waffles and coffee.

How They Asked

Newport Beach has always been our spot. Grab a coffee and take a walk around the islands dreaming of the house we’d one day own, just like her grandparent’s did 50 years ago as they bought their house on the island that they still live in. So just like any other Sunday afternoon, I asked to meet her for a coffee and stroll around Lido Island. I ran late on purpose, and asked if she could go walk to grab us a coffee and meet me back by our favorite dock. Iced toffee coffee on a Sunday afternoon? Nothing better. As she was out grabbing a coffee, me and my best friend drove up to her grandparent’s house right in front of the dock. Gave grandma and grandpa a kiss and got their blessings, set up on the dock, and waiting patiently as we tracked her on find my friends. As she walked back to the house, there is a perfect bend in the walkway along the water where you turn and instantly see the dock. She saw me standing, immediately starting laughing because it was weird for me to be standing there alone, and kept walking. Suddenly, she saw the roses, put the coffees down, began laughing more, and walked down to meet me on the dock. My first statement to her was “why didn’t you bring the coffees down to sip on?” I told Kailey I knew I would marry her over a year ago when she wrote me a pen pal note and ended it with “what song do you sing in the shower?” I never replied back to her because I was lame, but I replied back on the dock with a letter saying that I love to sing “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha in the shower.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newport Beach, California

We both laughed, I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes, we kissed, and giggling again struggling to figure out what finger to put the ring on. I shared that the center diamond was my mom’s first diamond from her wedding ring that she saved for her future daughter in law one day. My best friend followed her onto the dock to take snap pictures, and immediately it started pouring. Luckily I pulled out an umbrella I had packed, took some more pictures, and stood on the dock newly engaged, laughing, and soaking wet. We walked back to her grandparent’s house, grabbed our coffees, and dried off by the fireplace newly engaged, ready for what was ahead.

Special Thanks

Ben Slevin
 | Photographer
Claire Roche
 | Planning