Bryce and Brad's Busch Stadium Proposal

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How We Met

When I was in the 6th grade I developed a crush on the cutest 8th grader. I knew he only saw me as a kid but I was determined to get his attention. At my 13th, St. Louis Cardinals themed birthday party, my best friend thought she would give me the greatest birthday present by inviting my crush, Brad. So there he is the older kid at my “little kid” birthday party acting like he was having the best time because he wanted to make my day special. After that I knew I needed to be around him. I constantly tried to spend time with him and he seemed like he was beginning to see me as more than just a little girl with a crush. A year later we became “official” and spent the next almost 7 years strengthening our relationship, through the grace of God, and going after our dreams at separate colleges. Brad recieved a baseball scholarship at a college 6 hours away from me and I went to a college close to home working on my dream of becoming a sports reporter. The distance has been hard but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything because it made our relationship so much stronger, and now our dream of being together and spending the rest of our lives loving each other is finally becoming a reality.

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how they asked

Brad and I are huge baseball fans, but ESPECIALLY St. Louis Cardinals’ fans. My 13th birthday, which was one of the first times Brad and I spent time together, was Cardinals themed and our first real date was to a Cardinals game. After all this time of being fans some friends asked us to bring our families and take a tour of Busch Stadium. Along the tour we ended up in the locker room and our friend said “Look Bryce, Michael Wacha (a pitcher for the Cardinals) left this in his locker, and tossed a ball to Brad. Brad looked at it and threw the ball to me where I noticed the ball had writing on it. As I was reading the “Will you marry me?” written on the baseball from the last college game Brad ever got to play in, Brad was getting on one knee. From that point forward all I remember is the look in his eyes as the man I have loved since I was 13 said the words I have always been ready to hear. I don’t even think I said yes until hours later because I was so anxious to be in his arms, where I can’t wait to be for the rest of my life.

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