Bryanna and Justin

How We Met

We met at a pool party. So very innocent. After everyone else had gotten out of the pool we were still there, just talking. I can remember the moment I had been hoping for so vividly.. “random question, would you like to get dinner sometime?” I played it cool but on the inside I was ecstatic. The first few weeks started slow and ever since then we’ve been inseparable.

How They Asked

New York City is one of my most favorite places and I had been dying to go back. My fiancé had never been but one day he got up and said: “let’s go to New York”. We plan our trip and little did I know he was planning something bigger. We scheduled to do couples shoot in Central Park and meanwhile he had contacted our photographer to share his plan. In the middle of our photoshoot, our photographer lined us up for a pose that allowed Justin to pull the ring out without me noticing. He came up behind me and started saying the sweetest things. He may have also been shaking tremendously, I knew something was up. He then dropped down to one knee and I think I said YES in a quarter of a second. Our photographer captured the most perfect moment for us.

Proposal Ideas Central Park, NY

P.s. Our perfect moment was photobombed by the cutest dog. Neither of us noticed at the moment until our photographer pointed it out but the photos are just too good not to share and have a good laugh at.

Where to Propose in Central Park, NY

Special Thanks

Amanda Vaelynn
 | Photographer