Bryanna and Eric

How We Met

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I met Eric in 2012. He asked me to be his girlfriend on our first official date. I said yes. Best decision ever.

Its been a little difficult with schedules and the distance. We’re about an hour and a half drive from each other. Sometimes its really hard that we can’t see each other like a regular couple can. But I truly believe that it makes the times we are together that much better.

If you look up the phrase “opposites attract” our picture will be right there staring at you. I am loud and expressive, sometimes obnoxious. He is super laid back and level headed but also really silly when he wants to be. But we complement each other well. He always makes me laugh with his antics and I amuse him with how to me everything is the most exciting thing ever. He makes fun of me and my over use of the word “amazing”. Its not my fault. I’m a glass always full kind of girl.

What i love most about him is how safe I feel around him. I know that whatever is going on in that head of his it is always for my emotional physical and most importantly, spiritual well being. Our faith is very important to us. I feel so blessed to have him.

how they asked

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Every time I think back on the proposal i am always in awe of how perfectly executed it was. Let me say this first, I am a snoop. So it’s hard to really shock me. I knew we were eventually going to get married. I asked Eric that when he did finally propose that it not be at a restaurant, and that he find some way to have my nearest and dearest all there to share the moment with us. Well he knocked it put the park. He got me good with the help of our family and friends.

My best friend Kara is a talented hair stylist based out of Philadelphia. She recently decided to open her own salon and scheduled her grand opening for September 19th. We have a really tight knit group of friends and of course we were there all day helping her with set up and a few demos she had going on. We all were her hair models for the day. Which is fitting since she has been doing my hair since before I can remember. There was a cocktail party that night at the salon complete with food drinks and a red carpet. Kara told us all to bring a change of clothes and to be prepared to have our makeup done by our other good friend Jasmin. Now that I think about it, Jasmin did spend extra time on my face. But in the moment it seemed perfectly normal.

In the back of the salon there is a garden her neighbor has been working on. Its super cute and intimate. Kara told me she asked her neighbor if it would be ok if the party spilled out into the back, her neighbor was very gracious and said of course. She even let us decorate. So the night before I was out there with my other friend Courtney stringing lights and lighting lanterns making it look as close to our pinterest inspiration as possible. Little did I know. I was setting the scene for my own engagement.

Fast forward to the cocktail party. Just as people are starting to arrive Kara sends Courtney and me on an errand to buy more pita chips. Then is when i should have gotten suspicious. I thought it was random. But my friends are known to be a random bunch, so it went right over my head. 2 grocery stores later we are on our way back to the salon. I walk in and Kara and her mother pounce on me. Telling me I have to go in the back turn on the lights. After much protest from me, I get up and walk outside. I was right past this large group of people. I was so focused on turning on the ONE lantern that wasn’t on I didn’t see Eric’s mother in the crowd, or any of the other familiar faces that should not have been at my best friends grand opening. I did see my mom but I expected her to be there so it was no big deal to me.

I finally turn around to process the crowd (and to ask why they were all standing there staring at me) I see Eric’s cousin Johnny in the crowd. And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I froze. The crowd parted and Eric walks over and leads me to a chair in the yard. He goes on to tell this crowd (that is growing by the second as more of our friends + Kara’s loyal clients arrive) how much he loves me, and why he wants me in his life forever. This is the part I remember most vividly, because Eric is not big on public displays. So this was huge for him, and for me. I remember sitting there and just thinking “Wow, this boy reaaaalllllly loves me, I’m so blessed”. He asks for the ring from his best friend Darren gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. I scream, I jump up, and I cry. Of course I say yes!

We celebrated with all our amazing friends and family. The love was truly felt that night. And we can’t wait to get married June!!

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