Bryana and Joe

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It was the most magical moment of my entire life when he got down on one knee in the beautiful gardens at Oheka Castle in Long Island, NY. It all began when Joe and I were working together at a job that we both hated. I always caught him looking at me as we would pass each other in the building. Little did he know that I was looking at him tooo One week before I quit the job, he slipped through my DM’s on Instagram and the very next night we went on our first date at a coffee shop. Since that night…I knew that he was special as we instantaneously connected. And the fact that I could not keep my eyes off of that gorgeous face of his..

Fast fwd two weeks..I was going to family weddings with him..two months after I was his girlfriend, 2 weeks fwd he told me he loved me, and fast forward 9 months later…and we are having a romantic photo shoot at the gardens of Oheka Castle together..and little did I know moments after that …about to be ENGAGED! It was rainy day and Joe insisted that we take photos outside before dinner. I thought it was so weird that he wanted to take photos at 2:00pm when dinner was not until 6:00pm but I just went with it, because I was so excited to be there for a fun romantic night away! He looked so handsome in his blue suit and I didn’t think twice as he always dresses ever so handsome.

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While strolling through the garden and taking photos ..he asked the Valet guy to take a photo of us together as we were taking them of each other and selfies. Getting ready to pose for the photo..he said “wait just one more thing before you take that picture” AND THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED!!! he said “you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me..and I want to spend forever with you…as he teared up” heart literally fell through my butt and I kept saying omg omg omg ..and ever so happy, overwhelmed, and excited. I just couldn’t believe it! Of course I said yes. After the proposal, we had dinner in the gorgeous castle and he told me all about how he talked to my dad and family before- and that’s when it really hit me. Before I knew it we were sobbing together with joy over a bottle of champagne. I have always dreamed of a fairy tale proposal. This man has given me that and beyond..and it is living proof that that the fairy tale does exist. Wait for it! The most beautiful day of my life 6/16/17. The Future Mrs. Bizonos.

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