Bryan and Samantha

Bryan and Samantha's Engagement in Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

How We Met

I was working as an Intern Park Ranger at Everglades National Park. Her aunt Carmen was a volunteer there and secretly had told her about me. We were introduced at an event called Vintage Day on March 7, 2015. The moment I saw her, my eyes lit up. She was so beautiful with her blonde hair and blue eyes. When she shook my hand she looked down nervously, which I hoped meant she was just as interested as I was. After the event, I offered to take her on a guided hike on which I totally talked way too much about myself. Before she left, her mom asked if I was good at math and told us to exchange numbers, so I could help her with school. She texted me a couple of hours later and we haven’t stopped talking ever since.

Where to Propose in Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

How They Asked

I had been planning this since I asked her parents for the okay back in July on vacation. My original plans of proposing at a nearby park on our second day were ruined when a tropical depression decided to follow us from Florida to DC. So I spent the entire first day with the ring in my jacket hoping it wouldn’t set off the alarm when we went through security at our tour of the Capitol. A saw a dozen places where I could’ve asked but decided to do it at sunset at the Lincoln Memorial, since it was managed by the National Park Service just like where we met. Talk about nerves! With all the people there, I decided to ask on the grass surrounding the Memorial and luckily no one interrupted us. I told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and asked if she would marry me, and luckily for me she said, “of course!” Couldn’t be more happy about the person I’m with or out future together.