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How We Met

Nancy and I first met about four to five years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time, I was a bartender at a restaurant underneath where she lived. When we first met, she was in a relationship. A year or so later she was single and was still frequently visiting my restaurant, but at that time I was in a relationship. A few months later we were both single and we ran into each other at a bar in Buck head. Nancy and I went on a few dates and I knew she was different from the rest. She was beautiful, smart, thoughtful, caring, and more importantly sane. A perfect girl right? The only problem was that I knew I was about to start a new career and would not be in Georgia in a few months.

Nancy knew that I was seeking a job with the United States Border Patrol. With that in mind, we decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a relationship. We both understood that if it continued to progress that it would evolve into a long distance relationship. About six months into our relationship, I was to report to New Mexico for training. I finished the academy and was send to my duty station in Southern Arizona. We have been in a long distance relationship for near 2 years now. We were both hesitant about doing the long distance relationship, but we have made it work with faith, trust, communication and love.

how they asked

On November 3, I flew into Atlanta. The initial purpose of my trip was to attend my dad’s 60th birthday and his military retirement ceremony. When Nancy and I booked my flight, I was scheduled to fly home at 6:15am on November 9th. It is important to note that Nancy was aware that I had the ring, so I knew I had to completely surprise her and propose when she had no idea. That is harder said than done because that means I couldn’t do anything out of the ordinary or she would know that I was about to pop the BIG QUESTION. So I had to be creative in the proposal.

I got to thinking, what if she thought I was back in Arizona. That way she wouldn’t be expecting a proposal. So I started looking at events in Atlanta on the 9th through 11th of November. I saw the Atlanta Hawks had a game on Wednesday, November 9th. I contacted one of my best friends, Kyle, who had some good connections with the organization. I told him my idea of how I wanted it to go down. I wasn’t confident that we could make it happen, but Kyle felt confident he could make this happen. It took about three weeks to work out all of the logistics of the perfect proposal. I wanted to completely blow Nancy’s mind.

After confirmation that the Atlanta Hawks organization was willing to make this event happen, I rebooked my flight for November 13th without Nancy knowing. Then I had to figure out how to get Nancy to the game. I ended up telling her best friend, Lauren, the plan. She was honored to be considered part of the big plan. She eventually asked Nancy if she wanted to go to the game and Nancy quickly said she’d love to. Now that part was done I had to be around her for six days without slipping up and her thinking I was leaving on the morning of the game.

Nancy was under the impression that my flight left at 615am on the morning of the game. As hard as it was, I woke up at 4am and caught an Uber to the “airport”. Little did she know that I went over to friend’s house to hang out for a few hours. My family picked me up a few hours later. During that time, I was giving Nancy up to date details of my flight, “Hey babe, just landed in Dallas” “About to take off for Tucson””Just landed in Tucson, call you when I get in my car”. I texted her when I got home and told he I was going to head to sleep whenever I got home because I was scheduled to work that evening. Little did she know I was actually, having dinner with my family just down the street from Phillips Arena. The last task was to get to our seats and avoid being seen by her before the big event happened. After I succeeded at that I finally felt like the plan was going to happen flawlessly and so it did. The video explains what happened next.

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I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone that made this possible. All of my friends, especially Kyle, Lauren, and everyone from the Atlanta Hawks that helped piece together this amazing moment in Nancy and my life.

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