Bryan and Kassandra

Image 1 of Bryan and Kassandra

How We Met: We met in Wrigleyville when the New York Yankees came to Chicago to play the Chicago Cubs in June 2011. We been doing long distance and flying back and forth once or twice a month ever since.

how they asked: Bryan’s sister told me that she wanted to throw her husband a surprise bday trip to Chicago for his 30th bday. This would be the first time his family would see my city but was also the story Bryan used to get his family to Chicago without me thinking anything suspicious. Since Bryan and I love baseball, we planned a Wrigley Field tour for both of our families… We even had a chance to go onto the field…. I was told to look at the score board and it said, “Kassandra will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Bryan and Kassandra

That was when he got down on one knee!

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Image 6 of Bryan and Kassandra

Little did I know we went to Wrigley for the proposal. It was the best proposal ever… And I got to share it with both of our families!!

Image 7 of Bryan and Kassandra