Bryan and Jacqueline

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How We Met

For the years that Bryan and I have known each other there is not an exact moment either of us can truly pin point as to when we actually met. Bryan played football and other sports all throughout high school and I did athletic training so we are pretty sure it was somewhere along the four years of high school that we officially met or anywhere in-between is likely since we grew up around the corner from each other. However, our story doesn’t start until we both have gone to college. It was the summer of 2014 when both Bryan and I were home from our respective universities when I noticed one day that he had posted a picture on Instagram of a pretty bad clavicle break. Now I am a very shy person, but I’ve always had a crush on Bry and was pretty concerned. So I dug out his phone number from an old phone (yes it’s that bad) and texted him. Well apparently I was the only one who cared beyond a “like”. He had surgery and I started by visiting probably once or twice a week as he healed bringing him some of his favorites that I remembered from our time toghether in high school, like twizzlers, and cookies etc. Three weeks later we started dating and every summer we come back from college to our childhood homes to spend summers and as much time possible together.

how they asked

We both were in our last years of college getting ready to graduate in May when Bryan and I decided he should come down for his spring break and visit since our breaks didn’t line up. The first half of his break he spent with his brother, (and unbeknownst to me, my dad) but by Wednesday, he had come to see me at CSU-P. I still had to go to classes and my clinical rotations for athletic training but I would come home for lunch and he would have it on the table ready for me. We had agreed that on that Saturday would be a day for just us, but it was proving difficult for me to take off from clinicals which was a softball double header and we had very minimal coverage. Friday night we went to see his parents and siblings for dinner and had my favorite, Mexican food.

On our drive back to Pueblo I had “called off” from clinicals saying I had food poisoning. Bryan woke me early Saturday morning saying he had made me breakfast but I had only an hour to eat and get ready for our date. He brought me into the kitchen where he handmade me nutella crepes, with fresh fruit. I was blown away how sweet he was being, but still very pushy I only had an hour, he didn’t think I could get ready “that quick”. I jumped in the shower and got ready, only to get out and he had picked out my clothes for our date. I got ready and I was putting on my makeup when he was eyeing his watch, telling me I should just take it with and do it in the car. I took that as a challenge that he didn’t think I could get ready in under an hour, looking back it’s so I could fix my makeup through all of the happy tears of the day. We were driving to who knows where (he wouldn’t tell me) and I was playing guessing games as to where we would be driving to and where our date would be. I rattled off places, the aquarium, the zoo, Estes Park, anywhere really I was grasping at straws. We got off on the exit towards the zoo and Bry was still denying where we were going.

Finally we arrived at the zoo and we waited for about twenty minutes, to my surprise for his brother (Aj) and his girlfriend (Bailey). All four of us started walking around the zoo having fun and enjoying ourselves. As we were about to leave we decided that before we go get “second breakfast” we should go to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun that’s about a 1/4 mile above the zoo since none of us have been. We got to the Shrine and walked around looking over the overlook, taking pictures, walking up the stairs to the top and just wasting time. It started to very lightly snow, I was cold and Bailey was taking our pictures on the ledge of the overlook where you can see the whole city! We were talking while taking pictures because I was so cold, and the bell rang 12:30 scaring the cold right out of me. When the ringing stopped we turned back, we kissed and he pulled away from me and got down on his knee and asked me if I would be his wife!

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(I now know looking back, that I should’ve listened and brought my makeup, that regardless of “calling off” from clinicals, post AS MANY photos of getting engaged as possible and don’t plan surprise trips over New Years Eve, because it delays getting engaged by three months.)

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