Bryan and Emily's Adorable Proposal at the Sandals in St. Lucia

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How we met

Emily and I met sometime back in high school technically, but a three-year age difference and a high school rivalry postponed the inevitable. Six years had passed without much contact. It’s quite funny because we crossed paths a few times over the years and each time I left more amazed by her beauty. I tend to call our “how we met” situation more of the “Love at first sight” where I think Emily calls it more of the “Oh, I never saw you.” But that’s beside the point. I had been traveling for work and just moved back to Kentucky. I remember it like it was yesterday, a mutual friend of ours Sara tried to reconnect us. It was two days after Thanksgiving when we struck up the first of many long conversations. Conversations lead us to date nights, date night lead us to traveling the world and traveling the world lead us to a white sand beach in St. Lucia where I could officially make Emily my best friend for life.

how they asked

If you asked Emily, I’m quite the hopeless romantic, and by hopeless romantic, I mean if she wants something romantic, I leave her pretty much hopeless. I can assure you, though, that it is not at all intentional and that’s why it was very important for me to make sure everything with the proposal turned out flawless…

Emily and I love to travel the world so I had my mind set on something unique that just involved the two of us. I began planning and researching, but before I could pick a location Emily subconsciously picked it for us by wanting to celebrate her college graduation on a beach.

I reached out to a friend of mine who works for Sandals and explained our situation. With his help, it didn’t take long to decide on an all-inclusive trip to Sandals Regency La Toc. Our travel agent Mary Fowler (Riverside Tour and Travel) connected me with Seisha and Tayo from Sandal’s Wedding Concierge Service and we reviewed all of the possibilities for a beach proposal. After weeks of planning and working with the Sandal’s team, I had a vision of what perfection looked like. At this point, we had been planning the perfect day for 6 weeks, so keeping it a surprise was a major factor. I needed an hour or so to add the finishing touches to the proposal, so upon checking in our rooms at the resort, there was a note addressed to Emily. The team had written the note and made it look like our travel agent had reserved a massage on the beach for Emily, congratulating her on graduating from college. This would buy me enough time to do a walk through in the morning to make sure everything was perfect. As Emily was enjoying the spa, I met with the wedding concierge, and then together we relaxed by the pool. A few hours later, it was time for dinner. I suggested that instead of taking a shuttle to the restaurant, we leave a little earlier grab a drink and walk down the beach to the restaurant. While we were walking down the beach, photographers were strategically placed taking candid photos.

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Once we passed the last set of stairs that lead up to the restaurant, there it was our private picnic on the beach.

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Two straw mats, held in place by the weight of two lanterns, a bottle of champagne, a tray of fruits and cheeses tucked away under the low hanging branches of a close by tree. There was one last surprise. I told Emily I got her one last graduation present and insisted she closed her eyes. So as any white knight would have done, I take one step to get on my knee and slip off the edge of the sand taking a barrel roll in the sand. Luckily, the only evidence of that picture was erased and her eyes were closed. Once I emptied the sand out of my pockets and brushed off my clothes, I dropped to a knee and experienced the best single moment in my life. As the sun began to fall over the horizon, our picnic turned into a candle light dinner where we reminisced over 4 years of dating. How’s that for a hopeless romantic.

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our Sandals Experience

The resort was beautiful and included plenty of options for food and entertainment. We had every intention on visiting the other resorts, but enjoyed La Toc so much we never got around to leaving. The room was much better than I expected, it was far enough away that we never got disturbed but close enough that a short walk had us in the middle of all the excitement. Although these were great additions to the trip, I really felt like the staff made the difference in our experience. As a matter of fact, I would even refrain from calling them staff members and call them our friends. It all started before we even arrived with Seisha and Tayo. These two were phenomenal. They made me feel comfortable, quickly gained my trust and most importantly delivered when it counted the most. Our days were filled with encounters with some of our favorites like Fern and Shrevenius. These two were absolute rock stars, not only spending time to check on Emily and me every time we saw them, but it became very apparent that they were guest favorites as the week passed. I was so impressed with them, but to top it all off we had the amazing Miss Karen take our photos. They left us speechless. She did such a great job; Emily and I aren’t even getting engagement photos. The people at La Toc were truly second to none and were the difference makers in this trip. Now I can see what makes the Sandals brand so remarkable. The Sandals organization should be very proud of these team members. With that being said, Emily and I were so incredibly impressed, we’ve been flirting with the idea of eloping and St. Lucia definitely has our attention.

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