Bruna and Joe

How We Met

Joe and I met at a Kenny Chesney concert through mutual friends in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2016. We fell in love immediately and he bought me a ticket to sit next to him for the concert. After that day, we went out on 14 consecutive dates! We just wanted to be together and learn more about each other every chance we got. Everything was so easy after that. We met each other’s parents and quickly after became official!

How They Asked

I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride, but he was never up for it because he is afraid of heights, and would tell me he would never step foot in one. My sister lives in Charlotte, NC, and invited us (including our mom) to come, visit while a hot air balloon festival was in town. I immediately agreed because I was so excited to be able to see a bunch of hot air balloons going up all at once! Little did I know that Joe planned everything and got my mom and sister in on it!

We had everything planned to go to the festival on Saturday at 7 am, as the balloons go up super early. The weather was calling for rain that day all week, so Joe started to get nervous that things weren’t going to work out. Fortunately, the lady (who owned one of the balloons, and who he had been working with for weeks to pull this off) called him Friday morning and told us to come down Friday instead since it was sunny and beautiful. When everyone “randomly” decided to go to the festival on Friday instead, I was thrilled!

Bruna and Joe's Engagement in Carolina BallonFest

My favorite time of the day is during sunset, so I was so happy to have clear skies to watch the balloons fly off into the sunset. When we got to the festival, I was under the impression that my sister’s husband would be shooting a commercial for one of the balloons, so we had to rush and find this lady to get things started. She took us over to her balloon, which was laying on the ground as they were inflating it with air. Next thing I know, they tell Joe and me to get inside the balloon for a picture, which I immediately agree to. Once we’re inside, everyone is watching us including my mom and sister, my brother in law has a camera on us, I turn to fix my hair and see Joe slowly get down on one knee.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Carolina BallonFest

Bruna's Proposal in Carolina BallonFest

The first thing that came out of my mouth was “what are you doing?!” followed by immediate tears. Like really ugly crying. I froze and couldn’t believe it was actually happening. He finally asked me to marry him! He had to grab my hand and put the ring on my finger because I couldn’t speak or move! Everything happened so quickly. I couldn’t stop crying and we got out to hug everyone. It was then that he told me to get inside the basket because we were going for a ride! I couldn’t believe what was happening. We got in and our balloon went up slowly, with multiple balloons around going up at the same time and a ton of people watching. It was the most amazing ride of our lives. The sunset was gorgeous from up there, and the views were incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal!