Bruce and Julianne

How We Met

We originally met years ago at work, but we were at different places in our lives. Almost 15 years later, we were reunited by a mutual friend one evening. The next night we ended up hanging out again with a mutual group of friends, and as everyone else went home we stayed out and talked the night away catching up with one another… and from that moment on we’ve been writing our happily ever after!

how they asked

She says I’m the better story teller, so here goes nothing. After a few months of searching for what seemed to be the most impossible ring to to find, a slight two-toned mix of white and yellow gold, I found a jeweler that made it happen. Once I had the ring I knew it was time to plan the proposal. My intentions were to do it on a Saturday Afternoon that fell on the same weekend as our first formal date two years earlier. I wanted it to be somewhere special, as well as somewhere that was picturesque. I also wanted to be sure the moment was captured so we could reflect on it forever, so I contacted the best photographer I knew. After some reading and research I knew Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was the place to do it, but then I soon realized in trying to plan everything, Hurricane Irma hit and impacted the Museum pretty hard and closed it to visitors for weeks. I contacted the photographer to see if could help me think of any other nearby similar locations, but nothing really compared.

After checking Vizcaya’s website almost daily, the museum was reopened the Monday before I had hoped to pop the question.. so everything was back to my original plans! The Saturday I had setup for the magic to happen, she knew it was going to be a date night so I used that to my advantage to make sure I didn’t draw any suspicion. Knowing this she picked out a new outfit, shoes and had her nails done for the occasion. I told her she needed to be ready by 2:00 that afternoon to leave, which raised some questions for her but I told her we were going on a Date Night Adventure and to go with the flow. As she will tell you I have a trend of trying to hit places of interest when we are nearby, so she appeared not to catch on to anything. As we arrived at Vizcaya, I was unaware how much walking was involved. As we were walking up, I text the photographer we were there, and before I could put my phone away he was walking along side of us…. so it was almost time. I setup for the photographer to be outside by the Bay as that is where I was planning on proposing. As we walked into the museum I immediately began looking for the exit out to the Bay, but quickly realized I was wrong for coming in the entrance I did. To get out back we had to go through a side entrance.

At that moment I could see the frustration setting in for her as she was wearing new heels that were not broken in and her feet were hurting as she was unaware we’d be walking this much. As we finally got outside and made our way by the Bay I was trying to use any joke I could to keep her attention off her feet hurting. Once I saw the photographer around the corner I knew it was finally time. I began pointing out the iguanas sunbathing, then asked her to turnaround. As she turned I asked her if she knew why I brought her here, and that’s when I dropped down to one knee and began to tell her how much she means to me. Staring up into her eyes she stood in shock appearing not knowing whether to scream or cry.

Once I asked if she would be my wife, she screamed “YES, YES, YES”. There were a few onlookers that began to clap, and I was able to point out that I had a photographer catch it and we were going to take some more pictures. As we walked around the gardens afterwards taking some pictures, any feet pain she had was gone, and no matter how hard she tried she could not remove the ear to ear smile that was on her face.

The best part, besides her saying yes and making me the luckiest man ever, was having this all photographed and being able to reflect upon it after the fact so we can always relive that moment. To end the evening with more magic, we went to dinner at the same restaurant we went to two years earlier, and without any requests were sat at the same table we sat at originally.

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