Brooks and Erika

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How we met

Brooks and I met in April of 2016, however that wasn’t my first time seeing him. I had seen him many times, in fact, it was a couple of times a week over the course of 4 years! We both worked out at the same gym since I had moved to Atlanta in 2012, so needless to say we had both seen each other but never officially connected. We really didn’t have any mutual friends, and the gym was our common ground, but even being a familiar face neither of us talked to one another. That is, until an opportunity presented itself! He requested to follow me on Instagram, and of course immediately recognizing him, I seized this opportunity to connect with him and sent him a message. We engaged in a little small talk, but I was eager to see him at the gym so we could finally connect in person.

The next week I saw him at the gym, and just coming out of a spin class with my face bright red, we finally chatted in passing, still just small talk. We continued to use social media as a platform to communicate here and there over the next couple of weeks, and just when I thought it was never going to happen (a month later) he finally asked for my number and to take me out on a date. We had an instant connection, our conversation seemed endless and everything just seemed to flow so naturally. We went on 3 dates that week and each time we couldn’t wait to make plans for the next one. And now here we are, planning this wonderful next chapter of our lives together, and I could not be more excited to spend my life with him.

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how they asked

This is my favorite part of our story, because I had no idea that he was going to propose when he did. We had just recently gone on a magical tropical trip to St. Maarten where we spent a week celebrating my birthday and our one year anniversary together. I thought if he was going to propose it would be then. However, we came back from the trip full of wonderful memories but no engagement. This was completely fine for me as I just figured it might be a little longer until he proposes. Low and behold a few weeks later we had been asked by one of our couple friends to join them in San Fran for a few days before heading to Napa for a few more days. Little did I know how much planning would go on behind my back during the weeks leading up to our trip. We flew out early Friday morning from Atlanta to San Fran, therefore, when we arrived it was still early in the morning with the time change. Brooks had told me that our couple friends would not be available to hang out until later, so he and I would spend the day exploring the city together. Later that afternoon we took an Uber out to a specific spot Brooks had requested we go (I wasn’t even putting two and two together at this point).

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Once we arrived at the location I immediately took out my camera trying to capture all of the majestic images I could as we looked at the Golden Gate Bridge and across the Bay to San Francisco. Brooks finally got my attention and asked a bystander to take a photo of the two of us. It wasn’t until he gave the camera back to the guy, that I realized what was going on. He turned to me so seriously (Brooks is rarely serious with me) grabbed both my hands and said “The reason why I brought you here”, that was all I heard. I knew at this moment that he was asking me to marry him and my emotions took over.

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I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even have a chance to look at the ring he was holding. A few moments later he pointed out a photographer that he had hired to capture this special moment. He wanted to have images to share with our families since they would not be there.

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After a few rounds of pictures with the photographer a limo pulled up and he said “your chariot awaits you”. When I got into the limo there were our couple friends waiting on us with champagne and wine to help us celebrate together. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding around together calling family and friends. It was the perfect day for the both of us and one we will cherish forever.

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