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How We Met

We met when I was 15. I remember telling my mom “I am going to date that boy right there. He is so cute.” He’s two years older than me, and at that stage of life sophomores in high school aren’t paying attention to 8th graders.. So dating him was a far fetched dream. I give my dad the credit because we probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. My dad was a youth pastor at that time and had a guys bible study at our house. He vividly remembers Austin giving me a look and me giving it right back at him & actually moved the bible study from our house to someone else’s. But it was too late & that’s when it all started. He started coming over all the time with his friends to hang out with my dad. I’d say towards the end he wasn’t just coming over for my dad anymore :)

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Austin told me he could drive me to school my freshman year and within 2 weeks we were dating and we’ve been together ever since. There’s something sweet about growing up together. When you wanna spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. I feel like young marriages aren’t as common anymore, whether that be fear of commitment or because many couples are married without the label and don’t see the need for it. For us, it isn’t just a label. We’ve sacrificed a lot to wait until marriage because it is important to us, so that may be speeding up our process a little bit. But hey when you know, you know. After 5 years of dating we’re finally getting hitched and I am so excited! #icasillasforever

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how they asked

He planned the entire day and wanted to include everyone that meant a lot to me. He gave me a letter Friday night when he dropped me off after a LANY concert saying how much he loved me and wasn’t done celebrating the 5 years we’ve spent together and to be ready at 8:30 the next morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. The next morning I got up and my dad said “where do you wanna go get breakfast?” I was confused but just went with it. During breakfast I left to go to the bathroom and when I came back my dad had written me a letter. I was like, “do you want me to open this now?” He wrote about how proud he was of Austin and I’s relationship + how we glorify The Lord, and how thankful he is for how I’ve lived my life to give my brother and sister someone to look up to. I cried. A lot. Once we left I thought I had forgotten my phone in the restaurant. I asked my dad to turn around because I didn’t have my phone and he says “I have it.

Don’t worry about it.” (I didn’t have my phone for the rest of the day and that was truly THE BEST. Austin wanted me to be fully present that day.) and hands me a letter from Austin that said “I know breakfast with your dad is one of your favorite things, I hope you enjoyed it. Now relax and enjoy being pampered.” and he put a gift card in there to get my nails done. My best friend of 20 years surprised me at the salon & I may or may not have cried again. After we got our nails done, she had a letter with two gift cards to a restaurant. His letter said, “you are such a great friend to me and everyone who knows you, and I want you to know that.” My best friend took me to my favorite pizza restaurant where all of my high school friends were waiting for me. That restaurant was where my friends and I ate all the time in high school so it was so sweet that he remembered that.

In the middle of lunch one of my friends said “Austin specifically wanted us to go around and tell you why we love you and what we value in our friendship with you.” Again… I cried… Then I got another letter with $ to pick something out for that night. I couldn’t find anything I liked so I decided to try Saks and see if there was something on sale. I am pretty sure the lady helping me, Kaye, was an angel. She gave me 50% off my dress for no reason at all and I got one penny back in change from the amount that Austin gave me. That same lady made an appointment for me downstairs to get my makeup done and said its “on her”… She told me she believes when we bless others we will be blessed in return.

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We need more Kaye’s in the world. Austin’s brother picked me up from my friends house after I got ready and drove me to Gilcrease Museum where Austin then proposed. Neither of us remember exactly what was said. We were both so excited that we kind of blacked out in the moment, but I vividly remember us walking back to our car and he grabbed my hand to hold it and then he stops and says “Woah. That feels so good.” He was holding my ring finger hand :)

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After the proposal we had dinner and it was such a sweet time with him. Talking about future plans, wedding ideas, etc. & Then he took me to his aunts house where he surprised me with an engagement party with all our people. He had every person there write me a letter about why they love me and gave me a box full of letters after everyone left. He’s truly incredible. I am so thankful Jesus made him & chose me to be his wife. Still in awe.

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