Brooklyn and Tanner

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How We Met

Tanner and I met when we were in the 8th grade at Otter Creek Church of Christ in Brentwood, TN. We became very close friends through the next few years, as we went to church and school together. We were friends, but I always thought that their could be something more, which is not something that I admitted to anyone but my mom seeing as I had several other boyfriends during the time of Tanner and I’s friendship. I remember very vividly sitting in Tanner and I’s Spanish one class my freshman year of high school, his sophomore year and thinking… “he’s the one.” Obviously I went home and told my mom what I thought that day, but never did anything about it because I was otherwise involved. Throughout the next two and a half years we went from being best friends to a little more a couple of times, but it never ended well, the timing was never right for us.

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So fast forward to the summer after my junior year of high school. I had just ended a relationship, and I called Tanner to talk to him about it, because he was my best friend and I wanted him to know I was available again. That same day I called Tanner to tell him I was newly single, he told his best friend that he had moved on and didn’t want to ever give me another chance.

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Thankfully our grades were very close friends within our youth group and we all did everything together, so over the course of about a month feelings started to pop back up and this time the timing was right and we both feel hard and started dating that summer, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Tanner and I had both been on spring break the week of our proposal. I was on a road trip with the girls and he was at the beach with the boys, but what I didn’t know is that the day we got home, we would be getting engaged! On Wednesday(my 21st birthday) Tanner called me and said that he had a dinner planned at a surprise restaurant downtown and our reservations were at 5:45 and that we had to look nice. So fast forward to Sunday, when we both got home, Tanner picked me up and we drove downtown. We parked in a parking lot near the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. We got out of the car and walked toward the Schermerhorn and Tanner stopped me in front of the fountain that is in front of the center. He asked me if I had ever made a wish before, so I said yes, and he said well lets both make wishes right now. So he handed me a quarter, and I threw it into the fountain and made a wish.

He then asked me what my wish was, and my response was I can’t tell you my wish or it won’t come true. So he said that if he could make his quarter into the top of the fountain and make a wish he would tell me what his wish had been if I told him mine. Of course being the hardheaded girl that I am, I refused to tell him my wish before he told me his. So Tanner got down on one knee and said “Well, what if I told you that my wish was to marry you? Brooklyn Grace Moore, will you marry me?” SO of course I started crying and said “yes, yes, yes!” Then our families came around the corner to come and celebrate our perfect moment with us!

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“Yes yes obviously yes!” “Yes yes obviously yes!”

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Something old, something new, the most perfect ring.

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Sunflowers were my mom’s favorite, what a sweet way Tanner decided to honor her.

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