Brooklyn and Chris

How We Met

Young love. I had just finished high school and got involved in a bible study group out of the local ChickFilA. Best group of people I’ve ever met. But Chris was the goofball of the group and said he saw me in Chick-fil-A that first day and was determined to get my attention, and he sure did.

I fell in love with his jokes, his dance moves, his sub-par rap skills. He’s easy going and full of fun. I was smitten! 5 years later he’s been at my side all through nursing school and we’re college graduates planning our forever together.

how they asked

We are adventurers. Our love grew on mountain tops and by creek beds. Chris knew that school was my priority so he stayed by my side and lifted me up the whole time, all the tears and meltdowns. After graduation, the only thing on my mind was the dreaded NCLEX licensing exam. I was studying myself crazy so Chris proposed a get-away trip to Chattanooga, TN.

Everyone was in on it. We get there and have the BEST DAY. Bike rides long walks across the bridge, food, and treats. Sure enough, the night was coming to an end and Chris had our closest friends following us around all day.

Brooklyn and Chris's Engagement in Chattanooga, TN

After dinner, we wanted one last walk on the bridge where I stopped to look over the balcony. I heard him telling me to turn around and there he was on one knee with the biggest grin on his face. Our closest friends had followed us around all day in disguise and stopped everyone on the bridge. I turned around to a crowd cheering, street bands playing, and cameras flashing. It was the best night of my life, and he did SO GOOD!

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