Brooklyn and Brandon

Where to Propose in Cathedral Park- St. John’s Bridge, Portland, OR

How We Met

We met in my junior year of college. Brandon and I were in this god awful Honors statistics class. I was an assistant manager at a doggy daycare and typically went to work before class. One morning I was bitten in the face at work and had to go to the doctor after my shift to get my face looked at meaning I missed class that day. Well, that day happened to be group reassignment day. I was put in a group with a girl I had worked with before and Brandon. Well, I was anything but excited to meet up that night. Large bandaid on my cheek and a scowl on my face, Brandon cheerfully showed up and remembered my name. A few months later, and two breakups later( we were now born to single) Tinder got us talking. We want to brunch and have spent every day together since. It’ll be three years in April.

Brooklyn and Brandon's Engagement in Cathedral Park- St. John’s Bridge, Portland, OR

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cathedral Park- St. John’s Bridge, Portland, OR

How They Asked

Brandon took me by complete surprise. I had scheduled a couple photoshoot because I had always wanted to get them done. I was excited to have professional pictures of us to hang around our home. While we were taking pictures, about halfway through, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was in total shock and overwhelmed with joy. I was beyond excited he managed to surprise me- I tend to be hard to hide things from :)

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