Brooklin and Mitch

How We Met

Mitch and I first met in middle school and later again in high school. We were both taking a class together where I reached out to him to study together. Our first study date was a disaster. He was so nervous all he could talk about was California. I made it through the date with simple smiles and nods and we didn’t talk for months after until he finally reached out again and asked me on a real date. January 19th 2013 He took me to my favorite restaurant and prayed before our meal. I knew then that Mitch would be the man I fall in love with. It was just 4 months later when Mitch was taking me home he asked me to search for a verse, 1 Corinthians 13. Not thinking anything about what was happening I pulled the bible out and Mitch read out loud 1 Corinthians 13, after describing all the love should be he turned to me and said “I love you and I promise to love you like this”.

Image 1 of Brooklin and Mitch

how they asked

Every fall Mitch’s family takes a trip to Roaring River State Park. On October 16th 2015 we set out for the annual trip just like we did the year before. Me not knowing that the next day would be the biggest most happiest day of my life. On October 17th we set out for a hike and once we got to the top I turned around to see the man I love on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I cried he laughed and October 17th 2015 became the best days of our lives!

Image 2 of Brooklin and Mitch

Image 3 of Brooklin and Mitch