Brooke and Matthew

Brooke's Proposal in Laguna beach, Ca

How We Met

Matt and I met on Instagram over two years ago. A mutual friend of ours posted a picture with him in it and I thought, “hey! That guy is cute!!!” So I followed him on Instagram, luckily he followed me back! For weeks after that I would intentionally post pictures just to see if Matt would like them, which he did. After spamming each other with likes, I finally commented on a picture saying he was handsome! Then he messaged me asking me on a date! I was very nervous because we were 8 years and warned me he drove a mini van! He explained to me that he was a dental student and started homeless clinics out of his van and I instantly fell in love The rest is pretty much history!

how they asked

We were about to go on a 3 day vacation to Oxnard, CA with my entire family. I had been hinting at Matt that this would be a perfect time to propose. After all, we had been together for two plus years… I told him my whole family would be there and it would be so romantic, jokingly. The day before the vacation he wanted to go on a date with just the two of us in Laguna beach (which was where our first real date was). He made reservations for dinner and after wanted to walk extremely far to this spice shop! In my head I kept thinking why does he want to go to a random spice shop?? But continued to walk with him anyway. We got to the spice shop bought a couple things then left. We decided to walk to the beach back to our car.. Matt and I walked down 100 steps to get to the beach. He asked me to close my eyes and take his hand.. when he had me open my eyes there was rose petals in the shape of a heart with the words “Marry Me” instead

.. he got down on one knee and muttered the most romantic words ever…. but all I could remember was, “will you please make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

I shook my head yes with tears of joy!

After I said yes I could her my ENTIRE family cheering behind me!!! I looked up and the witnessed the entire thing, thanks to Matt!!

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