Brooke and Dylan

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How We Met

It was 2010 and I was only 16 years old when I first met Dylan. We were both juniors at different high schools the night that me and my two girlfriends were invited to a house where I met the boy who forever changed my life. When my friends and I arrived we quickly realized it was more of a small get together with a bunch of guys who were bored and had strategically formulated the text message that made us think we were going to a big party. I immediately noticed Dylan as he was one of the only ones who kept his distance and sat by the fire pit. He was also wearing a very cute beanie and flannel combination that I still remember to this day. Some how, several people ended up taking a trip to Taco Bell. Dylan strategically hurried to get into the last seat next to mine and the whole care ride we tried to talk to each other for the first time ever but the music was so loud we couldn’t hear.

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As soon as we got back to the house, Dylan went inside to sit by the fire pit in the backyard and eat his tacos while my best friend immediately urged me to get in her car because it was almost past her curfew. Trying to be smooth, I ran back into the house and into the backyard to say bye to Dylan who I barely knew at this point. He jumped up and asked me for my number to my surprise and because I was so excited I left taking the wrong exit.

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I embarrassingly had to turn around and explain that I went the wrong way as I ran out of the house. (Dylan still thinks its funny to this day.) Less than a minute after I jumped into my friends car, Dylan had already texted me asking to meet him so we could actually talk to each other. We met for lunch the next day and I believe I kept him waiting for an hour or two because I couldn’t decide on an outfit to wear that would be good enough for our first date.

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When I finally got there we sat and talked effortlessly for hours. It was like we had this instant connection where there was never a dull moment and I already missed him after only getting to know him for such a small amount of time. Only two weeks later Dylan asked me to be his girlfriend on April 11th, 2010. It is truly something special to have grown up with the love of my life. We graduated high school, went through college, experienced some of the hardest times of each others lives, built careers, raised pets and so much more these past 7 years. I have always been so grateful to have found him so young and I’ve always felt like he was meant to be in my life.

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how they asked

On February 2nd, 2017 Dylan had plans to go golfing with his friends and I had a Disneyland date with my best friend, Emma. After feeling a little suspicious that Emma wanted to get our nails done (she prefers to do her own) a day before, I was immediately thrown off because Dylan went as far as ironing his golf clothes before I left our apartment. (He’s a smart man.) Before I knew it, I found my self walking down Main Street right into my loving boyfriend who was waiting for me at the caste like a true prince charming. Both a photographer and his best man remained by his side to witness the moment as well as my maid of honor and a few other close friends who had to be there. I honestly couldn’t tell you what he said to me (even looking back on the video) because I was so incredibly excited. As you can see…I said yes before he even got on one knee!

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After he proposed, we walked out of the park gates to find both of our families waiting for us. We all celebrated afterwards with a huge dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Disney. I am blessed beyond measure to have found my happily ever after and I couldn’t imagine getting engaged any where else and to anyone else.

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We have shared so many years loving every trip we’ve made to Disneyland and now I get to relive the day I got engaged every time I walk past this castle.

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