Brooke and Chris

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Fracisco

How We Met

Chris and I first met at a Hollister photoshoot. It’s not as glamorous as one would think. My friend Tram was the Store Manager and she was the one gathering people to come to the shoot. One night before the shoot Tram met a guy named Greg out at a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio they exchanged numbers and became friends instantly. Greg was a good looking man and Tram invited him to the Hollister photoshoot because she needed more men. Greg then asked if he could bring a friend (Chris) because he wasn’t sure what all he was getting himself into by committing to this photo. Tram approved Chris to come, and then she mentioned to me that her friend Greg was coming from the same College town as me and could give me a ride to the shoot. Not thinking I got in the car with two strange men I never met for a free ride. (I was a poor college student and anything to save gas money). Thankfully they were the sweetest guys and basically the rest is history from there. It’s funny to look back at our first photo meeting each other and thinking wow this is the FIRST day I met you!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Fracisco

How They Asked

The proposal… it’s easier if I show you how he proposed (below). It was almost a surprise until his dad spilled the beans accidentally on the phone one day. But it was Chris’s fault because he had him on speaker phone while video gaming and wasn’t really listening to his father as he switched subjects as to how and when he was going to show me the video. He then started to scramble to hang up on his dad as his dad just gave me an inkling as to what was to come.

Then from there my mom and closest friends started to act weird as Chris and I’s 5 year anniversary approached. Since I was catching on to throw me off he did it the day before our 5 year and did it at my parents house in the living room tv. It did throw me off guard because I wasn’t expecting it to happen that night but otherwise once I heard “our song” play on the TV I knew what was about to happen.

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