Brooke and Austin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Orleans, LA

How They Asked

My boyfriend of almost 5 years and I were in New Orleans to look at Christmas lights with our new niece, Mila. My sister in law, Cally, insisted on getting a portrait of all of us painted. As we walk through Jackson Square, my brother in law approaches Connie (the artist) about painting a portrait. Connie, ask’s Cally and I if we would like to take a look at one her samples before we decide if we like her work. She first shows us a folk art painting of Austin and I.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Orleans, LA

I compliment it, but do not realize that this painting is actually of us at the moment. Connie, then ask if I’d like to take a look at another sample, and the painting behind our portrait is a sign that says, “Brooke Layne, Will You Marry Me?” Austin gets down one knee and I immediately say, “yes!” Connie then asks me to paint “yes” at the bottom of the sign. During this, my and Austin’s parents surprise me for lots of great pictures and memories.

After photos, we attend reservations at The Court of Two Sisters where the live band played the famous wedding song “At Last.” We danced in the middle of the entire restaurant alongside a table full of our closest loved ones. It was a perfect day to be a lover of all things unique about south Louisiana.

Special Thanks

Connie Kittok
 | Artist