Brooke and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I are from the same area, but went to different high schools, so I didn’t know him. We both ended up accepting scholarships to play our sport at Youngstown State University (our local college). He became best friends with my high school friend, but I still didn’t know him or even know of him. Zach ended up transferring to play football somewhere else. My best friend and roommate on the softball team was best friends with his friend on his new team, so we went up to hang out with her friend and Zach was there. We talked about YSU and all the mutual friends we had. We clicked pretty easily!

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My best friend and I would go up there all the time to hang out with everyone because it was a lot more fun than where we went to school. We went up for their St. Patrick’s Day party at the “Fullback’s House”. It’s the house where some of the football players live. Zach and I were inseparable the whole night! After St. Patrick’s Day, we started texting every day getting to know each other. He would come home to Youngstown on the weekends sometimes and we’d hang out and go to the park or watch movies. For some reason, I stopped talking to him. I was dealing with a lot of things in my life and getting over my ex-boyfriend who I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with. So, I didn’t want to commit to someone so soon.

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A few months went by and my dad had a stroke. It was devastating. I was sad and was trying to keep my spirits up. I didn’t want to hang out with anyone or even talk to anyone. The only person I really wanted to talk to was Zach. So, I texted him. It took him a little bit to give me a second chance (I couldn’t blame him!). But, I’m so lucky he did! We started hanging out like we never even stopped. We’d take his dog to the park, watch movies, go get ice cream and all that good stuff!

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We were basically boyfriend and girlfriend. He told me he loved me before we even started dating. I didn’t say it back because I was scared. I went out of town for a weekend with my best friend and while I was gone, I realized I did love him. I couldn’t wait to say it to him. So, I texted him and said I had to tell him something! As soon as I saw him, I told him I loved him. Then asked if I was his girlfriend yet LOL. I guess when ya know, ya know :)

It’s not a romantic, lovey-dovey story, but it’s ours and I couldn’t be more thankful to have the man of my dreams by my side!

how they asked

Eeek! Zach really caught me by surprise. I’m so impressed with him!

I left Ohio for New York to pursue my master’s degree at Syracuse University (5 hours away from home), so distance has been really hard on us! We’ve been together for almost five years. We’ve been talking about marriage since the beginning, even kids. So I knew it would be coming eventually. I was becoming impatient actually lol.

But once I started graduate school I figured that it wouldn’t be coming until I finished up. He even told me that. Boyyyyy was he a little sneak! Last year, my family and his (they’re basically BFFs) rented a cabin for NYE! We had so much fun so we decided to do it again. This time, it was a little bit of a bigger place on like 200 acres of land. It was beautiful.

My family drove separately and we couldn’t get there before them because they had the keys (at least that’s what they told me…lies). So, we went to outlet stores nearby. My mom kept telling me to go into stores that I didn’t even shop in. I was getting soo annoyed. The only reason she did this was to by time because Zach was getting things ready! So, we finally got there! Said hi to everybody, checked the place out, put our stuff in our rooms and all that. About a half an hour later Zach asked me to go explore the acreage. I just took my coat, boots, gloves, hat, etc. all off. I was tired, cold and didn’t want to put it back on again. So, I said no. He kept persisting. I kept getting more annoyed and told him we’d go later. He responded with it’ll be too dark. I think he asked me a dozen times before I said FINE.

We got to walking the trail. I was tired and absolutely freezing. I almost asked to turn around and go back inside! But, I figured I’d stay since he really wanted to explore. He told me he wanted to see if the lake was frozen enough to stand on, so he led me over to the lake that the property sat on. I went to walk down to the water, but he pulled me back and when he did I saw someone coming out of the trees. I thought Zach pulled me away because someone else was with us when we were on private property. So, I was kind of nervous…. then I noticed it was his sister. I turned around to look at Zach and he was on one knee.

Next to him was a sign that said “It will always be you” with a vase full of beautiful flowers. My mouth dropped when he asked me to marry him. I don’t remember what he said, but he told me I asked if this was real before I said yes.

After I said yes we heard screams from the house! My family and his family were watching the whole thing happen on the deck that overlooked the lake. It was the best day of my life and I got to spend it with new FIANCE and my favorite people!