Brooke and Wesley


From Brooke: Wesley and I were 14 and 15 years old when we first met at Blue Lake Methodist Camp (Revive). I don’t remember it, but he would go on to tell me many times how I had come up and talked to him that year during our focus groups. It would take another 5 times of us meeting for me to remember him.

For the next few years in youth group, our ways never really crossed much. An occasional hello or big group hangouts at the most. Eventually, through the combination of mutual friends and a lock-in at the church, a friendship started. Over the next two years, he became my best friend.

5 years and countless prayers, memories, and adventures later, he feels like home. On May 5, 2018 Wesley asks the question, and I, of course, say yes.

From Wesley: I call it the 5-year plan. I had a crush on Brooke since I first saw her in that focus group. Over the years, in youth group and into our friendship, that crush would turn into more than I would have ever thought. We still aren’t sure exactly when we started dating, but somewhere along the line (and after countless Skype dates) I somehow convinced Brooke that we should be more than just friends.

how they asked

It was finals week of the last semester in my hardest year of pharmacy school (in Auburn). During one of my hourly calls in hysterics, Wesley (in Pensacola) asked if I wanted to go to a Braves game Saturday and that he would plan a full day.

Saturday morning came and he was ready to go at 7 am. I was full of excitement, happy to be with my best friend again and exploring one of our favorite cities. He had planned all of my favorite things: biking, ice cream, parks, and picnics. After we got our sandwiches, he led us to a cozy bench by the water at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

We walk around the water and at this point, I can’t ignore how nervous he is acting. He randomly drops his backpack down and tells me, “I have a letter for you.” I open the envelope, and let me tell you, it was not a letter… it was a book. He proceeds to read all of the milestones in our relationship by date.

Then it is my turn to read. I flip the page over and find “May 05, 2018: The day I ask. Will you marry me?” I look up to see Wesley on his knee. To top it all off, he had our friend hiding to take pictures of the whole thing!

Special Thanks

Mae Grace
 | Photography
Piedmont Park
 | Location