Brooke and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met on a blind date. A couple weeks before this date he had texted me to get to know me a little better and I just didn’t text back! I was not super interested in dating anyone at the moment and I was busy dancing for my colleges dance team. About a month later our two friends that were dating each other at the time begged us to go so we both agreed to make a night work for a date. That date was the best and last first date I had ever been on. When he dropped me off that night I knew there was something special about Tyler. Sadly, Tyler was moving to Connecticut for the summer to work so I thought maybe it was too good to be true and didn’t worry to much about having a relationship. During that summer while Tyler was gone we would text and talk on the phone anytime he had a free moment. As soon as he was home we decided to meet up but when I saw him and spent time with him my feelings were just not the same and that same night I told him that I just wanted to be friends (WHAT WAS I THINKING!?) We then both accepted that it just would not work out. I went on with my life and he did as well. The next week we ran into each other again. The moment I saw him I knew that I had made a mistake. That same day I ASKED HIM OUT to do something later that night. He agreed and that night he came to pick me up from my apartment. We talked the whole time we were together and I just could not help but think that it just felt right when we were together. That same night we had our first kiss together and the rest is history!

how they asked

I grew up dancing. Dancing is what I am passionate about and I have been lucky enough to dance on a collegiate level and now I have the opportunity to teach dance. Tyler knows how much I enjoy teaching dance and he knows how much I love the girls that I teach. It was the year end concert for the dance studio that I work at and I had prepared my girls and was really excited to show off how hard they had worked and how far they have come. Little did I know that a bigger surprise was in the works… At the end of the show the owner of the studio invited all of the teachers to come out onto the stage. She introduced each teacher and said a few words about them. When it came to my turn she said a few things about me and then asked for her helper to bring out my flowers a few seconds later the song, “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo blasts through the speakers of the auditorium and I see each of my students bringing out huge posters with letters on them written out “Brooke Will You Marry Me?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right behind them was Tyler holding a dozen beautiful red roses with the biggest smile that I had ever seen on his face. He began to walk to the middle of the stage and I followed. He knelt down on one knee and asked the question I had been waiting for, for 2 long years- “Brooke Renee Badger, Will you marry me?” I don’t even remember if I said yes but the next thing I knew my beautiful engagement ring was on my finger and the whole crowd was cheering. It was the perfect ending to an amazing dance year and the perfect beginning to beautiful life together.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dance Studio Year End Show (Where I teach)