Brooke and TJ

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Corey Lake orchard in the pumpkin patch

How We Met

TJ and I grew up in the same town together. He is four years older then I am, I can remember always drooling over him growing up. My friends and I would actually go to the bowling alley where he worked just to check him out! We started talking because he thought he had seen my German Shepherd running around (it wasn’t my dog) we started hanging out and realized we were crazy about each other.

How They Asked

TJ and I were going to get some fall photos done, what I thought was just for the heck of it. Little did I know that TJ, my sister and photographer had been planning this proposal since May. Fall is my favorite time of the year because it was my mom’s favorite time also. She passed away when I was a young child so it was very special. It was absolutely wonderful and a dream come true.

Brooke and TJ's Engagement in Corey Lake orchard in the pumpkin patch

Special Thanks

Dianna Galbreath
 | Planning
James Allen
 | Ring