Brooke and Tim

How We Met

We met almost 6.5 years ago when our sorority and fraternity were paired for Homecoming.

How They Asked

This past Christmas and New Year’s we went on a pretty awesome vacation. We were in Italy for a week, in Barcelona for a few days, went on a 12-day cruise, and then stayed in Barcelona for a few more days. Everyone told me that Tim was going to propose on this vacation, because he would be absolutely silly not to. I kept insisting that it wasn’t going to happen, because we had not even discussed rings, gone to look at rings, or anything of that nature. Long story short, Italy and our cruise went by and still no ring. I won’t deny that I was hoping he was going to propose, but I kept telling myself it will happen when it happens. Well on our LAST day of vacation we were scheduled to climb the Sagrada Familia towers but it was so windy they canceled all tours. This is where Tim had originally planned to propose. While we were touring the Sagrada it was SO windy and cold. I did not bring a jacket, so I asked if I could wear Tim’s. It was odd that he wasn’t offering me his jacket and it took me insisting it before he let me wear it. The reason he was so hesitant is because the ring was in the pocket haha!! However, I had no idea or any reason to be searching for anything haha. As the day went on Tim was asking me to go to all of these different places, and I was just so tired at this point and ready to get back home to our dog, Dublin. We went back to our hotel, in Barcelona, to pack (we were flying out the next morning) and then went up to the rooftop to watch the Three Kings Parade. After the parade was over Tim proposed! I was SO shocked as was everyone else because no one knew he was going to ask me. Not even our parents (but trust me they were totally waiting for this to happen). It was the best cherry on top of our already amazing vacation.

Special Thanks

The Happy Bloom
 | Photography