Brooke and Taylor

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How We Met: We met in college, my sorority hung out with his fraternity very often. Once we discovered we went to rival high schools we started giving each other a hard time every chance we saw each other. (I said “Ewww Colleyville” to him more times than I can count). After college we reconnected on Facebook, I used fitness as an excuse to talk to him, (because who doesn’t want work out tips from your hot crush??) We began dating and it was clear right away that we were meant to be together, we finish each other’s sentences, have the same thoughts and feelings towards the importance of family, and eventually got a puppy together.

how they asked: Then on August 21, 2015 I was struggling to get home from work ( I’m a flight attendant who commutes to New York and flights were so full! I eventually made it home thru Cleveland, thanks Ohio!) TJ in formed me we were going on a “Super Date” but we agreed to let my best friend take pictures of us with her new camera she had been dying to use. So we went down to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and Catherine (Best Friend, Photographer, Matron of Honor) followed us around the gardens snapping pics when we stopped at a beautiful fountain.

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TJ told me there was another reason he wanted to bring me there, he pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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Then after I calmed down and we had some celebratory champagne in the gardens, we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s, a famous Mexican restaurant, where all of our family and friends were there to surprise me and celebrate our big day!

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Special Thanks

Catherine Ducote Teeter
 | Photographer