Brooke and Scott

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How We Met

Scott and I met through a mutual friend! But… this was after I had seen him out and continued to ask my girl friend to introduce us! Scott was the tallest guy in the room so immediately I was interested lol. We had a first date after weeks of texting and after our date I told my roommates id marry him! At the time of me meeting Scott, my entire family had left Kentucky. With that being said I was very homesick from them and constantly dating the wrong guys to fill the void and have fun! Scott was the first guy that made me feel at home again! This is how I knew he was the one. He’s always made me laugh and has treated me like gold since day 1. So here we are 2 and half years later , planning the wedding of our dreams! Scott is the most genuine-hearted person I’ve ever met.

how they asked

This is the best part!!!! Ahhh!!! So as many engagements are expected, I was truly surprised. My best friend and I had planned a girls night out to have dinner and cocktails. Her boyfriend and Scott crashed girls night. At dinner another close friend texted us in a group text to come to him and his wife’s house to hangout. Me already bummed the boys crashed girls dinner , I didn’t want to go! Well, after the group convincing me we were on our way to the Davis’s. After getting out of the car , Scott pulled me around back behind the garage where he had everything planned. I saw string lights, and lighted lanterns and my favorite flowers!

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Sunflowers are really hard to find in December. After he got down on one knee ( I don’t remember much of what was said, but it was special) I was hysterical.

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All of my closest friends were also there hiding and that made the night even more special. I had dreamt of this day for a long time with Scott. I’m still in shock and overly impressed!

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Special Thanks

Darrah Bradshaw
 | Photography