Brooke and Ryan

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How We Met

The first time I looked Brooke in the eye’s was on the field, the football field. I was a junior and she was a sophomore. My friend and I walked out of the varsity team room and on to the field to watch the freshman football game. We grabbed a ball and were throwing it back and forth. On the opposite side of me was Brooke and a small group of her cheerleading friends. Brooke being Brooke then asked the group of girls, “Who. Is. That!?”

So she did what most girls would not do and asked to play with us.

The weekend passed and the dreadful Monday came. I open my locker at lunch to find a random note in my locker. It was from Brooke! (My locker may or may have been adjusted to not need a code to open…) I did not know what to do, being the socially awkward guy I am. Something struck me about her though, she was the most social butterfly to ever exist and just like that, it was a perfect match. Since her dad was my prior football coach and her family having a never ending amount of love for her, I knew I wanted to date her. With that said I asked her father for the privilege of dating and he said absolutely.

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Now it came down to the thought, how do I ask her? I wanted to ask her right in the spot were we first met, on the field. Friday night came, the game was over, it was a West Valley Eagles victory and up on the score board it said, “Brooke Howard, will you be my girlfriend?” I walked over to her and behind her was the cheerleaders holding up their pom poms spelling out the word “YES”. There it was, the start of the most amazing adventure of my life, filled with Love, Laughter, Tears and everything in between.

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how they asked

5 years and 7 days have passed since that night. It was time to step foot on that field again. This field is something special to me, it is where I learned my life lessons, where we won the D2 Northern California Section Championship, and where I asked the sweetest girl in school to be my girlfriend. It was an easy choice, I had to ask Brooke to marry me on that field and on that scoreboard. My mother, our good friend Hilary, Brooke’s sister Savannah, and I laid out the plan. Hilary will invite Brooke and Savannah with her to a girls day, where the nails will be done and the hair and make up is poppin’. They then will be heading out to dinner and then back home to our little town of Cottonwood, well thats what Brooke thought at least.

Everything is running perfectly, nails went great and dinner was as well. As they are heading home, they receive an “unexpected” phone call from my mom. Apparently they ran out of whip cream for my brothers football teams dessert bar and she needs it brought up to the field asap! (There really isn’t a dessert bar shhhh) They run into the Coffee shop they work at, which just so happens to be owned by my mom as well, and grab all the whip cream they can hold. They pull up to the field and unload. Something seemed odd to her, she noticed someone standing at the end zone all alone. She then noticed it was me and thats when the music queued, “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk, her favorite song from her favorite movie.

Tears were streaming down my face, thinking of every good and bad moment we shared, knowing one thing, that true love will never fail. She walked to me, barely able to breathe realizing what was happening. I grabbed her hands. I told her that all I would like to do in this life is to make her know and feel how special she is to me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small delicate box, holding my mothers passed down diamond. It was polished to perfection, it was just right. I went down onto one knee and asked her, “Brooke Elisabeth Howard, will you marry me?” With tears in her eyes she said strongly, “Yes!” I turned her attention to the scoreboard and like deja vu, it said almost the exact same words from 5 years and 7 days ago, except this time it was a little bit more special.

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We heard screams and whistles coming from the home stands. It was our family and friends all gathered to witness our special moment. She had no clue and it could not have been more perfect. I will remember the moment to the day I die and I know that my true love Brooke will cherish it too.

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