Brooke and Patrick

How We Met

It all started 5 years ago at a little restaurant called “Mr. Sombreros” (which is now our weekly date night spot). My older brother invited me to come, hang out with him and some of his friends which to this day goes down as the best dinner decision of my life! Fast forward 5 years later to November 2018. We were on our way to Utah for our annual family Thanksgiving trip. At first, I was almost anticipating an engagement but the first few days came and went and no engagement seemed in sight. I decided to forget this idea and just enjoy the trip. Every year on our trip we hike up a local mountain and we always have the same goal each time: Make it to the bridge! The bridge is 2 (hard) miles up the mountain with a beautiful little waterfall flowing near it with beautiful scenery along the way.

How They Asked

This year, in particular, we wanted to get really good pictures so Patrick suggested bringing his tripod to ensure we made this happen (This should have been hint #2, him wanting to wear jeans up the mountain should have been hint #1) A few hours later we FINALLY made it to the bridge! Patrick set up the tripod and ever so sneakily put the ring in his pocket. We got in position to take the picture when all of a sudden Patrick stepped back and looked at me. He told me we were there for much more than a picture and began to get down on one knee (cue me blacking out). He told me he loved me and the words I had waited the past 5 years to hear, “Will you marry me” came out of his mouth.

I honestly have never said “YES” so quickly and easily in my life. We cried, kissed, and gushed over my ring before I realized that he got the entire thing on video! My sister-in-law told him I have always wanted my engagement documented so he made absolutely sure he could accommodate my silly request. The entire way down the mountain we talked about wedding plans, kids and our future together. The day was a complete dream and more than I ever knew I wanted. #WhenLifeGivesYouSimmons

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