Brooke and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Adelaide, Australia at our Family Christmas party!

How We Met

Three years ago Michael and I met in Thailand on a volunteer trip. I was teaching English in a small school on the island of Koh Samui while he was helping rebuild the school. We became fast friends and the slow burn happened – at the perfect moment Michael asked me on our first date. He rode around Koh Samui for an entire day in order to find the perfect place. We sat and talked for hours about space ships, aliens and Bob’s Burgers – everything we both love! The next couple weeks were filled with more space theories, laughter and happiness than we had ever felt before. We became very sad towards the end of my stay, with two months to go for Michael. On my departure, I handed Michael my favorite diamond ring, one I bought myself (girl power).. with one stipulation –

“Bring it back to me.”

Proposal Ideas Adelaide, Australia at our Family Christmas party!

Brooke's Proposal in Adelaide, Australia at our Family Christmas party!

how they asked

Two months later Michael did just that. He came to live in California with me and my family for three months.

After adventures that included traveling in a train across country for a month, exploring New York, enjoying National Parks, and falling deeper and deeper in love, we moved to Australia for a year. Within that year, and after I gave Michael my favorite ring – he bestowed upon me a better one on Christmas Eve in front of his whole family.

Now, it’s my ultimate prize possession which signifies the love that grew in unexpected places, bloomed under extraordinary circumstances and continues to stand strong, fearless and unfaltering.