Brooke and Marcus

How We Met

It was my freshmen year in college and halloween weekend. We both played on the lacrosse team at school and both love halloween. The first time I ever saw him was halloween night we kept making eye contact with each other and smiling. It was not until the next weekend when we ran into each other that we learned each others names. Then Marcus messaged me on Facebook a few days later and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

It was July 5th, I just arrived in Annapolis from Ocean City we had planned a family dinner with both our parents and siblings. Not noticing all the weird things Marcus was doing at dinner, he has his cousin Marina secretly in on the plan. Marina’s mother came into town from New York I have not ever meet her before and I tried to plan something with her but Marina and Marcus had another plan. For a week Marina said that her and her mother were going to head to Delaware for the weekend. I was so upset I really wanted to meet the lady. So anyways, I was at Marcus’s house with his family we got ready for dinner and headed out. While at the resturant someone tapped on my shoulder and asked to take my order. It was Inge, she told Marcus that she was so happy he was finally introducing her to his future wife. Not thinking about the comment everyone giggled. But then Marina goes “Mom, he has not even proposed yet”. So Marcus looks at Marina and she reaches in her purse and hands over the ring. He got down on one knee and asked the magic question ” will you marry me?”. Of course the answer was YES. Now time to plan the big fat greek wedding:)

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